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  1. Hey guys, having trouble with this mod. I believe I have installed everything correctly (1.12) with all the dependencies but the mod won't load into the game (like none of the features) but I can see the modded flags so the game is clearly reading something... Any idea?
  2. My thoughts exactly, I can't really think of any other game engine that is purposed built to handle something like KSP. As you said maybe Space Engine but that would have to be heavily modified to allow something like KSP to operate within it and I presume that devs have a certain expertise in using certain engins. While a purpose built would be nice, I presume that takes years of R&D that a small team, like Squard or Star Theory probably couldn't do. Additionally the costs would need to be recuperated somehow, presumably by lincencing then engine to other devs, and unfortuantly there isn't much of a market for highly specific space simulations at the moment.
  3. Yeah I think that might be it, but I am pretty sure there was still an account that big green (or purple) eyes as it signature???
  4. Hey Guys So I thought I would put this here, I have been following the project for a bit now but recently the developers of an upcoming space management game, called Mars Horizon (in the spirit of Buzz Aldrin's Race to Space) have started a Kickstarter from their boardgame division for a similar space management card game called Mars Horizon: Blast Here is the link to the Kickstarter, thought KSP players might be interested and given that this is a relatively small project, it's not easily discoverable: Link
  5. Some game that they were developing or had a friend who was developing, like some space game set in a miniature universe...
  6. @Vanamonde @Aperture Science @Gargamel @Snark Here is the image, it is a clip from the old cyberpunk 2077 trailer that came out like 6 years prior...but whoever used it painted the image green (I guess in line with the colour of Kerbals) https://imgur.com/a/v425e0A
  7. Hi Guys I am troweling around for a couple of old posts from 2014, 2015 and 2016. One of the posts I am looking comes from someone whose username I cannot remember, however I remember he/she had a distinct signature of green eyes (possibly taken from the cyberpunk trailer?) and also that the account (again, I think) was at some point on the moderation team. Does anyone know of an account that would match this description? Thanks in advance
  8. HELL YEAH!!!! This worked, I bumped my screen resolution down to something like 1280x720 and magically KSP loaded with an ACTUAL screen this time. Once in I turned the games resolution back to the native 1980x1080 of my screen leaving it in windowed mode and then turned my screen resolution back up as well and KSP and its Launcher are working like nothing ever happened for the last two weeks. Thanks Guys!
  9. Ok just got back from interstate and tried the solution. Unfortunately didn't seem to work, I have no display setttings in my Nvidia settings and my Intel ones were already set to maintain graphic settings. I am back to having the error box with the not opening at all.
  10. Yeah that is the one I am using right now. I will give it try to roll back. I have tried that registry hot fix but the file does not exist. I am still using the store version of KSP. Edit: Ah no cigar. I have installed the older driver back and done the hotfix provided with the registry. I also had to sync these settings with those in the 'Setting.cfg'. I have managed to get past that error message but now the game opens with no obvious window (clicking its tab just brings me to my desktop screen) and it starts playing the KSP music in the background, so I am not sure where to go from here. Edit 2: Can Hitman Pro cause problems with KSP? Also my screen resolution is 1920X1080
  11. Hi Guys I am having a problem in not being able to open either the KSP launcher nor my 64 bit version of KSP, which means I can't tinker with settings (nor do I have a settings file). I have tried a fresh download and reinstalling but nothing has worked. No crash report was generated either. I am currenting running on a Gigabyte Laptop with Nvidia GTX graphics card. I run a on a Windows 10 OS. -Gigabyte Laptop -Geforce GTX 970M Graphics Card (Driver up to date as of today) -Windows 10 64Bit -Using KSP 1.3.1 Thanks for any help. Edit: Here are some photos of my problem. https://imgur.com/a/L7wA3 Edit 2: Ok after some more tinkering with the launch cmmands I have managed to get past the resolution error, but now, similar to the launcher, it is just a black screen with the music playing in the background. In another interesting development I fired up an older version of KSP (v.1.0.4) and it worked, the launcher to. I really don't know why this is.
  12. EXCITING NEWS from Australia! Today at the International Astronautical Conference (IAC) in Adelaide, our government announced the creation of our very own space agency (different sites have named it different things) Maybe it isn't that exciting but it is for someone who is currently wrapping up Uni Apps and looking at future job prospects. Plus we already have a long history of collaboration in space. So come on down, pledge allegence to the outback, stay safe in our urban quarenteen centres and crack open a cold one. Let the SPACE Boom begin! (Also in slightly less exciting news, that same government also announced two hours later that Aus was going to have a gas shortage of 1300 PETRAJOULES heading into 2018 :-( )
  13. Hi Guys I haven't a thread about it so I thought I would put it here. Yesterday the publisher Paradox and the developers of the Tropico game announced a new city building/management game called surviving mars. Not too many details right now but it is in the same vain of planet base builders and city skylines, and I have seen a couple of those threads here, so I thought you guys might be interested. Game link: https://www.survivingmars.com Personal link: https://www.survivingmars.com/invites/yTzew4 (Yes there is a personal link, its basically takes you to a sign up page for the email alerts of the game. Recruiting more people gets more bonuses (additional skins and etc) when the game releases on your account. Feel free to press or not press that link!)
  14. Hi Guys I just installed the mod and started a new game. Is there anyway in the map (tracking station or vessel) to see the planets magnetosphere, like shown in some of the screenshots?
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