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  1. When flying a rocket my 5 year old likes to say "Look at the driver Daddy!" When I clicked C while in the shuttle cockpit I got a black screen. I read it is not finished. Fair Enough. Is there a MOD that I can use in the meantime that would give it some nice internals?
  2. when i go to broadcast my science I get an error that it will cause the science package to become inoperable. what is the deal. we already can only brodcast a small amount of the original anyway. am i doing something wrong with broadcasting?
  3. Ok so I build a small ship and I put a goo container on it. I open the goo container when I leave the pad high in the upper atmo. I close it and proceed on to almost orbit... I open the goo again and..I cant use it? or it erases the last data I took I really don't get how the science is supposed to work I tend to put 30 or so goo containers on my ship and open one at a time as I approach a new area or thing... but then I have to somehow get all that back to the surface because my modual will only hold one or two experiments? /sigh back to sandbox love the game. I can build ships that can go anywhere in the system in sandbox but career just kicks me in the face.
  4. I snagged one and I am bringing it in to a 100km orbit. I am almost there. So far I have used 3 orange tanks with 2 nervas attached with a total burn af about 1.5 hours so far. Now that it is closer I just sent up a new ship with tons of fuel and a big ass engine to try and bring it the rest of the way in. I am addicted! Are there bigger rocks than D to grab?
  5. can we somehow shrink the light fixtures themselves?
  6. I did the Mun one in real time durring the Xmas Holidays. it was fun.
  7. I name them after German Rock Numbers.. Einstein, Zweistein, Dreistein, Vierstein
  8. nm I figured it out thanks what it was is that for some reason the rocks where not showing up in my save game. Once I created a new save game they where all there. I transfered my new ship to the approriate directory and tada! I had my first rock within a couple hours.
  9. clicked on the little rock icon in the tracking station and the ? and nothing is showing up zoomed all the way out and back in ...restarted the game twice
  10. So far I am able to open a good portion of the tree. Enough that I am able to get to the moon. But when I return I only had like 30 science. My goo containers break now? I can no longer get any points for eva reports beyond the very first eva? How do I know where the "bioms" are? So far I am launching capsules to different parts of the globe but only recover 1.5 to 3 points per landing? I can get anyplace in the system and land on just about any body but this career thing is kicking my butt. I do'nt know what to do next after each mission I dont have any direction to go. I just shoot rockets in different directions with no structure. When I use the goo containers I then reset them. is this erasing the last collection? I ahve hit a wall and finding it hard to come up with the 90 or so points I need for my next open. edit forgot to ad that I look at the science page and it shows what I have done. Are the little bars that fill up mean that I can still do it again if it is not full?
  11. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&docname=c01959711#N190 mY difference is that I am running a 1gig Nvidia card and a 500w power supply but the rest is stock.
  12. I just had the greatest idea ever! (prolly not original) i put two more engines back on facing retro and made an action group... now I dont have to spin the whole mothership to slow down! I love this game.
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