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  1. I haven't logged into the forums in forever, but I've been playing KSP for about 6 years now. I saw a video -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUXChw_6plE about the current state of KSP, which inspired me to come back and post about this issue. I'm glad to see other people are concerned about stability and optimizations as well. Seeing the way most publishers have headed, putting profits before quality... I do not know if KSP will get the updates and overhaul it needs and deserves. I hope it does, though. I really like this game.
  2. Are you tired of.... -Scrolling through long lists of craft looking for the right craft? -Having to name related builds similarly so that they'll be nearby in the craft list? -Having to delete craft so you can have a cleaner craft listing? Well, here's my suggestion: Allow players to make folders and sort their ships in them. This wouldn't be too hard to implement, and would greatly improve the organization of multi-craft projects and the like.
  3. For example, let's say you're in orbit traveling at 2,000 m/s. If you have 500 m/s of "delta-V", that means that there's enough propellant in your tanks that, with your current ship's mass and engines, you can accelerate up to 2,500 m/s or down to 1500 m/s before you completely run out of fuel. Just my quick 2 kredits.
  4. I don't know about you... but I'll be too busy doing orbital mechanics to study literature or calculus Will this latest update impact your final exam scores too?
  5. This is an awesome idea and all, (and forgive me for not reading all the posts of 125 pages)... but wouldn't getting solar energy from anywhere beyond the general area of Earth and Mars get really impractical? I imagine having the sat turn on every once in a while and charging for hours at a time would definitely be a viable option, but dust buildup is an issue, and batteries do hold less charge over time. If the community could come up with the money needed, we'd need to be sure the satellite could function for a reasonable amount of time. I suggest something along the lines of an ultra-low power system, one that could run for days or even weeks on internal batteries. The lowest power AVR chips on the market (well, they aren't radiation-hardened) draw a negligible 1 uA at their lowest operational state. A Jupiter/Saturn mission could happen, but I would be concerned about solar energy collection efficiency. The best part is there's undoubtedly enough KSP fans with a Yagi antenna, or access to something better, that we could hypothetically have 24/7 reception, provided no celestial bodies or terribly bad weather are in the way.
  6. I think that these would be expensive. Fine, they may pay for themselves... but remember lighting up those LEDs at night will BURN through power. I think they might barely make breakeven just for power output.
  7. Whackjob has been confirmed as the first person to build a disco ball in KSP.
  8. I built an interstellar radio array and heard this transmission the other day near Jool... "We are the Korg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your science and crew to our own. Your parts will adapt to service us. Resistance is (mostly) futile, provided you have less dV than us."
  9. I just applied for Stock Computer payload designer and computational mission specialist. Both of which are terms I just made up. EDIT: Then again, I'm the only person in the whole community who knows how to make them.
  10. The title "Expert" is earned when you create something amazing. I, for one, proved that digital logic could indeed be simulated in KSP without any mods nor config changes. I'm bringing back an even more amazing innovation this May.
  11. Let's face it: with the LFB KR-1x2 having made it's debut, sporting not only a higher thrust (33% higher!) and ISP than the Rockomax Mainsail, as well as being cheaper than a Mainsail + 1 orange tank, it has a much lower tendency to explode. So, have you ditched the Mainsail yet? When the need for POWER calls, the Mainsail is clearly no longer choice #1, though for many years we counted on them to do the tough jobs, it's just outdated. The only downside of the new LFB KR-1x2 is the smaller gimbal range, being half of the Mainsail's, as well as no electric charge output. But who needs those when you'll be in orbit in no time?
  12. This is gonna be good... WhackJob, I may have launch system contracting for you in the near future.
  13. Challenge accepted. I promise to do that this weekend... And have it done before the weekend is out.
  14. While it does reduce realism... KSP was never meant to be a perfect reality, unless Squad's target platform was university Supercomputers. One Jool-bound ion craft I made while back had a burn time of over 3 days. It did, also, have only 3 ion engines and a dV of over 8,000 m/s. The increase in thrust would make me much more comfortable doing a legitimate mission and not just going straight to the fast and easy Mainsail Interplanetary Stage.
  15. Wait, have color lights been confirmed? also, when it comes to computer output, I could *hypothetically* make a screen, but it would only complicate matters, not to mention be a pain to configure and that the user would likely be instructed to hit a key to modify the display after the instruction has been input. The only real advance since last year has been speed and compactness. Operation is still hard, but it should be a bit easier than I anticipated.