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  1. Please consider continuing the enhanced IVA mod! :-P it will be a whole new gameplay experience 

  2. Somebody call 9-1-1 for this mod, we don’t want it to die :-)
  3. How bugfree is the career mode compared to DMP? :-)
  4. Hello, does anybody know whether this would work with a making history client and a client without the expansion (if you stay away from new parts) thanks
  5. YES!!! This brings tears of joy to my eyes! I am so much looking forward to trying this out when available. Your work is very much appreciated, bringing the game to a whole new level, thanks!
  6. I dont recall it being this bad, but does this mean that an update is on its way? :-D
  7. I recall that this is tweakable in the server settings?
  8. I have used both hamachi and tungle with great success - haven't seen any ransomware popups yet ;-)
  9. I prefer playing coop career despite the bugs!
  10. Check out the comments section for this Scott Manley video : (There might be a chance for some Kerbal Kommander gameplay narrated by Mr. Manley! :-P )
  11. I would like to convince Scott Manley to do a streaming or playthrough of this with KAS to salve parts from direlect ships :-P