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  1. Please consider continuing the enhanced IVA mod! :-P it will be a whole new gameplay experience 

  2. Somebody call 9-1-1 for this mod, we don’t want it to die :-)
  3. How bugfree is the career mode compared to DMP? :-)
  4. Hello, does anybody know whether this would work with a making history client and a client without the expansion (if you stay away from new parts) thanks
  5. YES!!! This brings tears of joy to my eyes! I am so much looking forward to trying this out when available. Your work is very much appreciated, bringing the game to a whole new level, thanks!
  6. I dont recall it being this bad, but does this mean that an update is on its way? :-D
  7. I recall that this is tweakable in the server settings?
  8. I have used both hamachi and tungle with great success - haven't seen any ransomware popups yet ;-)
  9. I prefer playing coop career despite the bugs!
  10. Check out the comments section for this Scott Manley video : (There might be a chance for some Kerbal Kommander gameplay narrated by Mr. Manley! :-P )
  11. I would like to convince Scott Manley to do a streaming or playthrough of this with KAS to salve parts from direlect ships :-P
  12. Looking forward tolearning about what "the few things" are. :-)
  13. Isn't it still available in game? im hoping for IVA movement to be the big secret project as well :-) !
  14. Can anyone recommend a good starting build? (I would like to have spare fuel tank capacity, possibly some trading capacity and 5000 to spare for a direlect contract)
  15. I think duplication can occur if you use reverting - maybe others can confirm this. Also if you are more than one player on the server, don't spectate the final connection during docking
  16. If you try docking while one vessel is being controlled by another player or if just spectate the docking, it will most likely result in a duplicate vessel that crashes into the original followed by explosions all over
  17. Awesome! Have you made attempts to fix the docking issue recently or is the task daunting to such a degree that you are awaiting a holy light to shine upon an easy solution?
  18. Which features are currently being worked on? thanks for helping us all have fun!
  19. Can't wait for you to work on enhanced IVA again ;-P

  20. I'm hoping for a sudden unexpected update to 1.1.3 ! ;-D