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  1. I had always hoped this would come in a sort of "Extraplanetary Launchpads" DLC where we could launch from Kerbin and build launch pads elsewhere and "in space" after reaching a certain tech level. Still, hope it comes to PC.
  2. Jalaris

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    Wonderful feature! First step to having life support features in the game? Maybe...
  3. Looking forward to the final result of this mod!
  4. Hi everyone, This link shows how Lockheed Martin is "Ahead of Curve" and the company's vision for how it wants to meet NASA's goal of, at first, setting up a sustainable presence around the Moon. It's got some cool information about Lockheed's plan and some very cool marketing/promotional material. Figured I'd share it here for anyone who is interested! Lockheed Martin - Ahead of the Curve
  5. Hi everyone, I know Squad, while working on 1.6, must also be working on the next expansion of some sort that they can sell. There are a ton of things I want in KSP stock, but one of them would be a sort of "soon in the future" space parts pack that includes parts that emulate NASA's current plan to take humans back to the Moon and eventually on to Mars: Orion and the Deep-space Gateway. I think we have parts already analogous to the SLS, but I am not 100% positive. There are also concept crew landers that NASA is considering that could be included as well. Anyways, I'd love to see this in game in this "soon in the future" parts pack. There are a million other things I want in KSP as well, but I figured I'd suggest this one for now! See below for Lockheed Martin's concept image of all the new spacecraft required for us to begin a sustainable presence around the moon: P.S. I know there are likely mods that add this into the game and I am probably not interested. I like the (new) stock art style and general polish that stock parts have.
  6. Jalaris

    KSP vs Simple Rockets ?

    I can't fathom how anyone plays a game like this on mobile lol! But more power to you, I think it is definitely interesting on PC, but I can tell it was designed with mobile in mind. It's very... simple.
  7. I agree, the current update lacks consistency. I know they are working on revamping more parts to the current standard set by these and making history parts, however, it is a slow process. Until then we have a game that isn't consistent across teh board in style and visuals. I know they are working on revamping more as I asked this specific question in the grand 1.5 thread and was replied to by a member of the art team saying they are revamping more! I have faith we'll get there eventually, with all of the parts revamped to fit their new style and visuals, and hopefully the planets and solar system too. But we will see.
  8. I think one of the only solutions to having a multiplayer KSP without timewarp (which isn't possible in a multiplayer game) would be to have engines similar to those in the Expanse TV show and books. Basically, they are incredibly efficient engines; google "Epstein Drives" if you are curious. Basically, you burn to increase your speed and get there fast to the "half-way" mark to your destination, then you flip and burn the other way to slow down. Other than that, not sure how to have a realistic multiplayer KSP without a way to timewarp. It would take too damn long to do anything; not to mention there is absolutely nothing to do while you are waiting. Hellion, the multiplayer space survival game with decently realistic physics, gets around this by having a "warp" function on ships. Although I am less a fan of this option as it is 100% un-realistic and against the KSP style. The Expanse-like way might be possible someday, and it maintains the KSP like gameplay.
  9. @TriggerAuCan we expect to see more updated parts in future updates? I love the new and updated parts, however, there are still a large number of parts in the game that have not been updated to the current standard set by the Making History expansion. Thanks for all your hard work!
  10. @Avera9eJoe Any plans on using Sigma Replacements instead of TRR?
  11. Jalaris

    KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    So much so! I would pay for a sort of "mini dlc" that revamped ALL of the old parts to have the new style, assuming they don't update all of the parts with the Making History expansion. I'd also pay for a "mini dlc" that would add stock visual atmospheres to planets, like Stock Visual Enhancements does.
  12. Oh sure, thanks for your help Nils277! I got it to work by just deleting both of the ModuleResourceHarvester modules, and then adding back in your code for the first one, but this seemed sloppy, so I am glad you replied!
  13. Jalaris

    Sigma Replacements

    My bad! I am still new to the forums/KSP modding and learning the etiquette.
  14. @Poodmund I got impatient, lol, and just gave it a go myself. It was fairly easy. Sorry for cluttering the thread! I didn't see Pood's skyboxes mods available anywhere else, besides the Stardock link, and figured this would be where I would post about that.
  15. Jalaris

    [1.7.0-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    @Thomas P. @Galileo Galileo, I saw that you are using the kopernicus asteroids and created a config for belts and whatnot in GPP. I was wondering if you know if Kopernicus asteroids come default with the stock system when installed, and if not, do you know anywhere or anyone that has made an asteroid.cfg for it already? I googled and looked around but haven't found anything so far.