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    NASA's next big thing!

    Da grammar Nazi's going in the insane =)
  2. tke_quailman

    What else you playing

    Simple what else you playing or have played of note -KSP -Eve Online (on and off) -SD Gundam online -Battlefield 3 on the 360
  3. tke_quailman

    SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

    What kinda craft do you guys use to assemble them
  4. Just installed add-on and its getting stuck on the loading screen while loading the station airlock insides
  5. tke_quailman

    KSP Preformance

    Does this game eat up a lot of resources on for anyone else. My computer can normally run my 3 Eve clients just fine but struggles at times with 1 running of this game. Just curious i have the latest version
  6. tke_quailman

    New to KSP!! Awesome game but so frustrating

    Looking into add-on kinda overwhelmed looks like their are several add-on that do the same thing and some need other add ons to work properly(Ex. several oxygen and energy systems)
  7. Hi thanks for having me love the game and its only been 3 days Current issues and problems -To much thrust decouplers fail and everything goes boom -Is the game updated often with new/better parts? Or should i start downloading add-ons? -If so which ones and are they all bug free? -Also how do the devs feel about the add-ons -I haven't even made it into orbit or deep space =( -Do i really need all the math if i wanna get to the mun and beyond? No guidance computer =(