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  1. Omg I never noticed the weights, I have to give them a try!
  2. Same here, I feel that the cockpit is generating WAYYYY too much lift for some reason.
  3. Ah just the cockpits pack. I'll start with a custom config for Procedural Parts though just as a bit of a practice run, and take it up a notch it that goes well.
  4. Thanks! Wish me luck, I'm going to give this a try. I can share my work here if anyone is interested (that is if I can get something to work).
  5. I'm loving this mod, I can't believe I have been sitting on it for so long without ever really using it! The downside is that I've now come to realize that I've got a lot of other mods that sadly have no TU profiles (Firespitter, MAD, Eskandre). Hopefully someday those can be made compatible with TU! On a side note, is there a tutorial for making TU profiles for parts? I might try my hand at making some if I can be pointed to the right direction.
  6. What happened to your KerbalX account?

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    2. siklidkid


      i have been loving the military builds, especially the Huskies. I have seen you have been using FantomWorks in your builds, but that isn't updated. There is a revamped version of the mod, named Eskandare Aerospace.

    3. AirShark


      Thanks man! Yeah I've updated to Eskandare! I've got a side KSP project for the time being, but once that is done I'll go back to military/aircraft builds ;)

    4. siklidkid
  7. Hey, I really love this mod! Is there any way for the arm to "Crawl" and move from PDGF to PDGF along a station? Any way I can reposition the arm anywhere along a station? - Edit: Nm, saw an earlier post about the handoff issue.
  8. Well there is the Predator engine which is a pusher-type engine. Not exactly the same, but close. - On a side note, it would be nice to someday see a Fenestron tail rotor added to KSP, and a folding rotor blade like that found on the SH-60 or AW101 Merlin.
  9. It was the TM5 patch that was messing it up; I removed them and so far no issues. Thanks for the help and the tips!
  10. Hey, I'm getting a FATAL error message on start-up. I've installed the patch both manually and through CKAN; neither seems to be working for me. Here is the output log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/spsex974tqfvhq9/output_log.txt?dl=0 I'm not 100% sure. Just made a big jump from 1.3.1 to 1.7.3 so maybe I am missing a step here or I might be missing something; I've kind of been out of the loop when it comes to mods and any updates that have come out for them. Thanks for all the hard work!
  11. The fuselage is from Neist, but the windows are from SXT I believe, same with the tail cone.
  12. Made a tanker with a lot of your parts; I'm still loving mod!
  13. Anyone know if the folding rotor ever got released?
  14. I would be a dream to be able to use RPM for the FLIR cam, Radar, RWR, etc...
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