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  1. Cues up 'Everybody Wants to Rule The World' by Tears for Fears and hits spacebar....
  2. Speaking of NERVA, Season 3 Episode 1 of For All Mankind shows the best place to test such things is...
  3. Like a complete Jeb, I've misplaces the location for downloading Linuxgurugamers most excellent recent works on this mod. The Links on the first page appear to point to versions published before the adoption and are less then useful. If someone could point to where thay're being hosted, that would be very useful
  4. I've just done a search through here and can't find (or re-find) which sizing controls the side of the modular heat shield. Any hints welcome.
  5. Looks good, Does Not Play Well with SSTU. Messes up the part configuration panel in the VAB.
  6. Obviously, KSPI uses imperial pipe fittings for coolant and Nertea is using metric. And I think the fittings also have different thread pitches. Totally incompatible.
  7. Headtilt Hmm what else was being developed in the 50's - 60's? Was it perhaps Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles? which used a LOT of the same technology as the space program. (see also my comment on secret rocket fuel mixes). Any rocket technology was classified because improvements in thust or isp meant bigger payloads or longer ranges. Guidance is guidance, whether it's landers on the moon or warheads on Washington. Manned tech? Propaganda material. Everything was important, so everything was classified. There was a war on.
  8. I love how a lot of the bad spy dramas (and comedies) of the era were all about the 'secret rocket fuel formula' whereas these days it's just Liquid methane/hydrogen and liquid oxygen. I'm over simplifying, but a lot of the high end crazy chemistry seems to have left the industry on the grounds of 'yeah it works, but there's too high a chance of the pad rats getting their faces eaten off'.
  9. Having problems with 1.12.2, the launch button in the VAB isn't creating a project in the VAB build list. The dropdown on the build button immediately puts you on the pad with the design. Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rdn9zd3e04cnmca/KSP.log?dl=0 Thanks in advance. Hopefully it's just me misplacing something. EDIT: After a scratch restart (KCT cluster + module manager to start) then then adding mods one at a time to check for conflicts, it works. I don't know why it works, but it does. Only took 6 hours. Remember, you're not just playing Kerbal Space Program, you're playing Kerbal Space Program, the 'how many mods will my computer support before it gets cranky' metagame.
  10. Indeed, Buffalo, MOLE and Pathfinder. The MOLE lab modules don't have rad shielding options. I can see the inflatables not getting shielding for example, but Bob is facing early retirement due to his dosage levels.
  11. Could I request an integration patch set for Angel-125's Wild Blue Industries set of mods?
  12. Whats the easiest way to provide shielding on stations built around the MOLE, Mk One Botany Lab and Mk one Habitat? The shielding seems to be getting lost with the ability to switch contents.
  13. The Science crew on Artemis Station are glad to hear the pay dispute has been resolved and are returning to work.
  14. Quite possibly. time to doing the whichmod shuffle.
  15. Is anyone else having problems with KEES experiments? I'm having no problems with attaching the experiment carrier to the vessel, then attaching the experiment. The experiment opens on 'start experiment' but the experiment doesn't actually start. LOG: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12Eimrhv5KDQ1Aasbd5hx3o94wGCtLHIe
  16. Apologies in advance if this has been discussed before If it has I'll take pointers to the location in the 370 pages of this topic. What is the best way to get the -force-d3d11 or -force-glcore working in Windows 10, if one isn't launching from Steam? Thanks, and again apologies..
  17. I've noticed that Restocked doesn't interface well with SSTU when it comes to the various LVN clusters.
  18. You might want to have a word with @Shadowmage. Restock seems to be messing up parts of SSTUlabs' , so far I've seen problems with the LVN cluster-able variants.
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