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  1. Get out. You walk for a ways and find an abandoned farm house. Do you... 1. Enter and search the building 2. Hide in the cellar 3. Light it on fire 4. Call the local government and tell them to demolish it
  2. Floor 1193: The entire floor is made out of a giant cheeseburger; someone has managed to carve out a staircase up to the next floor through the bread and meat, which you quickly climb after taking a few bites.
  3. MLGtopia Doritos Mountain Dew Delivery Vehicle (MDDV)
  4. Do not practice Magic near the Magic Boulder
  5. 1190: You step out of a door, and immediately a bullet lands next to your feet. You are in Stalingrad during October 1942. You run as quickly as possible to the other end of the city, not stopping to ponder how a city fits in a single floor, and rush up the stairs just as a shell lands behind you.
  6. Quite simply, I want to start a rocketry club at my high school. Would I be able to get KerbalEDU for the discount if it was done with club money and for the club?
  7. Have you thought about adding different/larger sizes of airship parts? It would certainly facilitate the creation of such incomprehensibly large flying leviathans that the mind may wish to perceive.
  8. Whyyyyyy Whyyyy do you have to release such a good procedural wing? Now I have to use these to make beautiful looking/flying planes D:
  9. I found it in either August or September 2011 from Kurtjmac's videos, specifically the ones where he did planes. Downloaded the demo, failed miserably at getting into orbit, bought .16 about a week later, and I still haven't gotten to and back from Duna or any other planet.
  10. I'd like FAR to be the aero model, but I have no complaints if they go with something else; just download the mod again. I also don't care much for ISRU; I'll be happy more or less however they do it.
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