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  1. First, put an ASAS module on the shuttle and the booster so the shuttle is easier to maneuver, and also duplicate the booster w/o the counterweight on the top side of the shuttle so even if the tanks go empty, the shuttle will still be balanced and you won't have to waste all that precious speed.
  2. Did this today, made a rocket and went up to 152,000m, had a ladder and parachutes attached to an rcs tank which was attached to a decoupler, then I activated parachutes in space and disconnected from the command pod, put kerbal on the ladder, had a long 6 minute skydive back to kerbin, landed safely. The only pics I have of this are the successful landing pics: [ATTACH=CONFIG]34870[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]34872[/ATTACH]
  3. I have got a very nice plane for you, easy to get off the ground, it gets off at 80 m/s which it does in about 3-5 seconds, and has great maneuverability, unless there is a huge amount of lag. Here's the craft file:[ATTACH]34866[/ATTACH] I can also design a mun lander for your company if you'd like.
  4. This is very awesome and has inspired me for more spaceplane ideas. Thanks!
  5. The utterly pointless and useless Kerbal Superhangar! This kit contains the following: the one and only Superhangarâ„¢, my own SpaceFlyerâ„¢ spaceplane, and much more(not really)! Extremely laggy and no usefulness whatsoever! Thank you for testing out this product! Coming soon to stores for only $1000000000 Kerbal dollars! [ATTACH]34862[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34863[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34864[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34865[/ATTACH] Note: pics in SPH because of EXTREME LAG on the Runway.
  6. Don't let the aliens get the tech for that!
  7. I couldn't see it live, because I was watching Endeavour
  8. I got here late, may I please have a look at the Wormranian and Kzplathidian languages?
  9. This looks amazing! Can't wait until I can actually download it
  10. I've got TrackMania United, wanna play some time?
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