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  1. The fix worked. But now the navigation when you use the telescope inverted.. but i can live with that.
  2. I have a slight problem, when i try to mount a new processor, the mounted processor ends up upside-down. When i try to use the processor it just says: "Incorrectly mounted" What do?
  3. So, did you remove the "name = SpaceTelescope" or the rest of the code? (maxZoom = 5 and xmitDataScalar = 0.5)
  4. Ok, i have an performance issue. When the Rotating Big Bang Engine 1 is in it's -15 degree mode, it lags like crazy, like 20 fps. But if i change it to straight, the lag disappear.
  5. A question, or more like, a possible bug report.. For example; when i put the radio reciver on a craft and use it, it says that the data it collected will be worth 36 research points and when i transfer it wirelessly with a 100% transmit rate it just generates 20 science? How come? Shouldn't it be 36 points instead of 20? Or am i missing something?
  6. A little request,is it possible to add a decoupler function the side mounted fuel tanks, the ST-25 and the ST-37? Because right now it looks a bit odd when you have a decoupler on them, they stick out a bit.
  7. These new textures fixed my massive fps drops and CTD's. Now it flows like a river. The standard textures must have caused a "out of memory" crash every time.