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  1. I've spotted it a few times but ironically not scince I found out how rare it is supposed to be.
  2. Like a lot of people have said, I'd be ok with it, but would DEFINATELY prefer to have some way of interacting with the world, like a robot or something. Or maybe you could run a matrix-style program, like being on earth but in a simulation.
  3. I suggest including some way of easily getting boats to the water. The maritime pack has those wheel attachment decoupler things, the old aircraft carrier mod has such OP engines and strength that they can simply slide into the water and I think firespitter (used?) to have something to teleport ships to the water. Other than that, just TRY to make sure you keep working on it, a lot of mods don't get far and I always love naval vehicles in ksp, so i'd love to see just how this turns out.
  4. The ordinary jet engine-I forget what it's called, but it's just been so usefull generally, especially now the turbo uses so much fuel
  5. BWI Space program Safety Report is as follows: 1: Assembly Many landers are underbuilt, and frequently run out of fuel or have landing legs too short to land on without severe risk of critical damage to engines. Many rockets are not fitted with launch escape systems, however they have almost never been needed. In contrast many of the program's older and larger rockets were overly complex, heavy and fragile, and solid rocket boosters were often positioned much too close to each other. This has improved since their policy of 'One large stage is better than multiple small ones' was implemented ho
  6. Thanks man, glad you liked it! Maybe i'll do another, it was kinda fun. Azimechs certainly looks better but there's always room for improvement. I wonder which one i'd make though? Maybe one of the arial-bots, or insecticons. Also, to anyone out there reading this, try making your own, it's fun and i'd love to see what you come up with.
  7. That is VERY cool, and I love the lightstrips. Keep up the good work man!
  8. Yeah, I thought we were going to be stealing the mun? Maybe use tweakscale, hyperedit and the mod mentioned earlier, and try to recover a giant version of it?
  9. Building one of the others eh? Now that IS tempting, I'll get back to you, I think this could be fun... EDIT, ok, went building for an hour and here is the result, one armada era Starscream!: http://imgur.com/a/vXPOl There is more that one image, but you have to click browse all. He's not as fancy as Optimus (having troubles with kerb paint and wings) but he's still good, and I'm starting to wonder if a working transformation would be possible in ksp too... have to look into that one. Couldn't get it straight up embed the album onto the post though-anyone know what I was doing wrong?
  10. You know what? I like that idea, I think you could be right there. And what we could offer them? Variety maybe? New ways of thinking, types of culture and entertainment and the like. But no human zoos, that ain't cool.
  11. 25 Miles an hour was the speed they wanted it to be capable of reaching, but IIRC they simply didn't have engines powerfull enough to push it past about 4mph. That's why they never built an actual ratte, though IMO it still would have been a force to be reckoned with as it would have been basically immune to anything smaller than cruiser (possible battleship) scale cannons
  12. This, is the Rockwell RPRV-870 HiMAT. Or rather, my version of it. This plane was designed to test lots of at the time new ideas, such as closely grouped canards and digital fight control (for more info, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rockwell_HiMAT ) It looks, IMO, pretty close to the real thing. However, there are two small problems, the first is the nose (but I wanted to keep this stock, and can't think how to get it any better-any comments welcome on that) and the engine, which is similar to both ksp stock jets but at the same time, noticeably different. I know B9 has a perfect e
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