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  1. I started playing the day after the very first (0.7) Version was released, as I was very much longing for a game like KSP for a long time - and well, there was not much in the beginning, but being on the forum made it fun... mostly reading, and back then, the development was happening much more on the forums - Harvester was posting almost daily with insights to what he was working on, versions got released weekly or even more often... but most fun I always had was being on the forums. These days, I spend about 10x as much time in the forum reading about the state of things, mods being dev
  2. [quote name='Xyphos']o.O I was actually being serious, this is a working fix for the unwelcome changes.[/QUOTE] Well, changing the difficulty to "nothing" is surely a "fix" - as would be "edit your persistence file for 999999999999kerbucks if you run out of money" .... it is not a fix, it is a deliberate changing of the difficulty level of the game, which in your case, takes the whole challenge out of the reentry process... PSA from me: it is not impossible to land on tylo, or do anything else... you just have to adapt your designs to the changes, they are still very possible t
  3. You are talking about the "new" old Demo, based on 0.18 - the poster before is referring the very first demo, which was based on .13, so just after the mun even got into the game... oh the memories.
  4. I second that... it always looked odd to me that my ship just returned from Jool Orbit directly into Kerbins Atmosphere (even with DR on if you manage to survive) - and the craft looked pristine as if it rolled down the assembly line 5 minutes ago after landing. Scorch marks would be AWESOME! (and should not be that hard, as you would only have to apply a shader/texture layer/blend to the affected areas for scorching..which you have to calculate anyway for the new reentry heating..)
  5. And just for the sake of completion, there is a "total conversion of sorts" that makes the game more realistic, and much, much harder: "Better than starting manned" revamps a lot of the part stats, the science system, makes deadly reentry a must, and in general makes the game much more challenging to play. (Oh, and for good measure, the guy who does it also tends to fix a lot of stock bugs for "his" version of the game as well): http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/61632-0-23-5-Better-Than-Starting-Manned-Career-Mode-Redefined-%28v1-533-April-9th%29 I actually never play stock career
  6. Yes, I absolutely agree - this would make the game much more fun for me (even though I joined with 0.7 and have seen these bodies in all their incarnations numerous times) - the feeling of discovery is just.. much bigger that way.
  7. He is speaking american, which means he wanted to say 67 thousand and something (AP) by 188 (PE)
  8. Hello all, just had a boring downtime today..and decided to get a blast from the past and recreate my excitement of my first flight to the mun, back in 0.12 .. and I am glad to say, that the rocket I built made it not only to the mun, but to a LANDING - on my first try (building AND flying) .. so this means I still got it I hope without all your newfangles patched conics..or mechjeb.. or landing gear or stuff like that.. I landed a rocket on its engine bell like they are supposed to!
  9. Install "Better than starting manned" in a new copy of the game..and play it (I use some small mods with it, like mechjeb for readouts (no auto piloty stuff) etc..but still) it is a whole new game experience in Career and it is - to say the least - hard. Very hard. I have played KSP with BTSM in the last month for more hours than I did for KSP-Vanilla (with other mods) for the last year combined..because BTSM gives me challenge, which I was missing from the normal game lately (as I was on a level to routinely build designs good for duna/eve landings in about 10 minutes..) ..now I actually have
  10. Just to clarify, with "orbital construction" they don't mean putting stuff together in Orbit using Docking Ports - that is exactly what they are there for - they mean a mode in which you have a Space Station of sorts in Orbit, and spawn directly from VAB to Orbital (as if you built it in orbit)
  11. Well, for me it is more complicated.. the first game console EVER in my life was the Atari 2600, but I don't remember any specific games anymore.. The first computer was the Amstrad CPC6128, and here I remember "Harrier Attack", "Miami Vice", and my all time favorite on that machine: "Exolon". And my first PC came preinstalled with stuff from my uncle, and I remember two of the games: MS Flight Simulator 4.0, and "Wolfenstein 3D" (yeah, my uncle brouht me into shooters.. AND simulations I remember that machine like it was yesterday.. 14" CRT screen that was utter crap, 386DX40 (AMD Clone),
  12. This, so much this.. (and it is very emotional in itself if you listen for the text..) And:
  13. Unfawkable, about the update cycles.. we had a lot of changes on these over the years (been here sinde the 0.7 days..) .. in the beginning, like with most indie project, you had an update like.. twice a week, bugfixes even more often..and then it gradually slowed down to like once a month, and with the addition of more people, more layers, more testing, more QA.. it gradually slowed until we reached the "now", where it is about 2.5 - 3 Months usually, but mostly leading to a relatively polished release that mostly has some quirks and bruises to it, but is perfectly playable (.21 has/had ha bad
  14. I would actually settle for parachutes that have a collider mesh first so they don't clip into each other anymore..
  15. Hi guys, just a quick suggestion.. I noticed the quicker scene changes, much welcome..but still, while doing so, the music stutters (alot) which just gives it a meh "feeling" - could you put the music in it's own independent thread to stop that (as it doesn't have to be threadsafe I think..)
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