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  1. The last two weren't really supposed to be super funny. Some writers are able to seamlessly blend plot and comedy. I am sadly not quite as brilliant as, say, Rich Burlew. Nowhere near, in fact.
  2. Circumnavigated the world in an aircraft. Judging by the fuel levels after landing, I could have easily flown around the world twice and still made it back to KSC. Flies on two engines at 27.5 km altitude at ~1700 m/s.
  3. That was actually written by me and I've never played Orbiter. So there.
  4. Personally I prefer using I-beams as suspension due to their curiously weak connections. Look: All four wheels touching the ground! That's what I call axle articulation!
  5. The point of triggers is that they're analog. Keyboard keys aren't.
  6. Personally I have pitch and roll on the left stick, yaw on the right, throttle up and down on the shoulder buttons, A to stage, B to cut thrust, X to toggle RCS, and Y to toggle SAS. That's basically all you need to fly. I also went into the config files and changed the sensitivity of all my analog axes to 2.5. That's largely a matter of preference, though.
  7. This. I do love the progress that's been made but clearly there's still a bit more to do.
  8. A regular gamepad works perfectly fine once you tweak the sensitivity a bit. Personally I use a PS3 controller, but anything with two analog thumb sticks will do.
  9. Yeah, the fact that it's called differently always throws me off. "Oh come on, where's the stupid Atlas engine! .... Oh, it's this one with a different name. Right."
  10. Yeah, I'm not terribly keen on Scott either. It's just the tone of his voice for me, the way he speaks makes it seem like he's talking down to you even when he's being perfectly polite and friendly. Same problem I have with Richard Dawkins, though it's an order of magnitude worse with that guy.
  11. Fun fact: # of casualties during spaceflight in the Soviet/Russian space program: 4 # of casualties during spaceflight in the US space program: 14
  12. Given that the game is a complete sandbox with absolutely no objectives of any kind at the moment, people return kerbals back to Kerbin for the same reason they do anything else in the game: They find it fun.
  13. It's okay, it could be worse. They still haven't managed to make it fast enough to be able to build rockets that fly by expelling kerbals instead of burning rocket fuel.
  14. Alternatively, open the save file with Notepad and change their names manually. It's not difficult.
  15. Constructive criticism time! Record the game, not the window border.
  16. Hm, I thought we had an RSS feed... but apparently we don't. Well we need one.
  17. Psst, I think he doesn't want this thread to get bumped. Bump. :B
  18. I don't think this is difficult. You can use those small radially attached liquid fuel engines divided up into action groups in place of RCS ports, thereby satisfying the requirement of no RCS and retaining fine control of the vessel.
  19. Yeah, sounds like that would be the case, but it'd still be nice to have official confirmation/clarification on it. I really like this "a promise is a promise" attitude, so I'd like to throw some more money at Squad by buying it on Steam in addition to the Store-bought version. But it'd have to really be the same, I don't want to have to keep throwing more and more money at it to keep it in sync with the Store version I already own.
  20. Farewell, Delorean hub cap. We hardly knew ye.
  21. I'm surprised this isn't in this thread yet. [spoiler=Silly spoiler tag is silly. ] I suppose it's not really an easter egg, since Harv announced it'd be in the game, but I think it's quite cool regardless. It's also super-easy to find even without cheaty add-ons.
  22. Self-replication isn't enough to get evolution going, you also need variation. Given that evolution is a horribly inefficient process in which the vast majority of mutations are either harmful or pointless, I'm fairly sure any civilization building von Neumann probes would make certain that they replicate exactly, without variation.
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