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  1. We don't really do anything as a squadron, but yes, it is possible to join.
  2. Clan still exists, although we don't really do anything, and haven't really done anything as a clan.
  3. So I installed this mod along with it's 2 dependencies, and I'm not seeing it pop up anywhere in my KSP game when I am in the VAB/SPH. I'm worried I may have installed one of the dependencies wrong (there are several files in toolbar controller where I don't know where they go, I basically put the one file in the gamedata folder), or maybe there is a conflict with one of the other mods. Can anyone help me figure out what to do? I did not use CKAN for this (and the title page doesn't say this mod is updated for it anyways).
  4. For multiplayer, why don't they just include several options for the server owner to pick from when configuring the server? A "one-size-fits-all" for Kerbal multiplayer seems like a bad idea given how different people play it different ways. EDIT: In my opinion, Kerbal needs to revamp their campaign in some way to make it not feel like just an expanded sandbox. There is still a disconnect between how science is gathered (exploring planets) and how it is spent (on new parts), which makes little sense. Being able to instantly launch rockets after construction makes the Kerbal space program develop unbelievably quickly. Starting with manned launches, like you're basically required to do, is a huge disconnect between how real life space programs developed and KSP. There's no competing space agencies to fight over contracts with, or to compare your progress against. And the endgame is basically just unlocking all the parts, which is done through exploration. The point of exploration in the campaign doesn't have anything to do with learning more about the system, but entirely has to do with progressing further. Which I feel just removes the depth from exploration. I guess what I'm saying is that the campaign feels like it lacks management depth or a proper goal, both of which a good management game needs. The challenge of campaign mode comes from engineering and flying a space program, with very little coming from managing said space program. Sandbox mode is basically the same, except with that little bit of management gone. Kerbal has the potential to be that nice mix of a management game, construction game, and flying sim, but really only gets 2 out of the 3. And in today's market it seems like most similar games do the exact same. And honestly, I think that bit of management depth (and maybe exploration depth) is what KSP needs the most to truely live up to its full potential. That being said, the current solar system does feel like 2/3 of a solar system. Those outer planets we've been expecting for years kind of need to be added for the KSP solar system to truely feel complete. So although what Squad has done in the past couple years has been nice, it's all been little improvements to the game which fail to address the core issues surrounding the game and the major areas where the game feels incomplete.
  5. Now in way further than my little experimental plane yesterday. This one can do 150 m/s at sea level, and is insanely powerful (19 clipped SAS). Building/flying this thing is basically what I've been doing today.
  6. I've been playing aviation pioneer in KSP for these past couple days. It's fun!
  7. Did anyone actually expect this to go differently?
  8. So they've said it's supposed to be automatic, but it hasn't yet happened yet for many of us. Either there's an issue with those who transferred to Steam, or they have to give out so many DLCs that the automatic process is lagging.
  9. Built a new experimental fighter, and so far I'm happy with it's performance. It can go 300 m/s at low altitude with it's afterburner and 216 m/s without, which isn't bad for a custom-cockpit fighter, and is very maneuverable with a low stall speed (meaning that if you turn too hard and the plane starts to stall it is very easy to recover). It's also one of the prettiest fighters I've built. Now I just have to actually get around to naming and releasing it, which is the hardest step in all of this.
  10. Because some of us have been bored with the game, plus the buff to the .50s has really imbalanced things.
  11. It doesn't work like that. You have to sign up for the squadron yourself in War Thunder, and then after that you get accepted in.
  12. Build KSP 2? Build more games involving kerbals? And DLC content (which could mean they kill off mods but does not necessarily mean they will).But yeah, a KSP 2 could be highly profitable and small kerbal-related games could make them some money. EDIT: I'd argue that we should not be worried about them screwing with KSP modders unless they begin to screw with Civilization and X-COM modders. If that happens be very worried. If that doesn't happen then I think KSP will be fine (although a KSP 2 might have some issues).
  13. Well we can get it down to a +/- 1 if you exclude kerbals in the space center who were killed. Well, +/- .5 I should say