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  1. I haven't received any reports that it does not work in 1.10.x. I don't think there's a reason it shouldn't. Let me know if you do have issues using it in 1.10.x, I haven't tried it myself as I've been occupied with other things recently.
  2. Thank you! That's exactly what I needed. The parts fill and drain as expected now! It did take me a couple of tries because of a typo and having to realize that I needed to declare the "amount" and "maxAmount" variables before using them. MonoDevelop wouldn't allow me to declare those variables in the statement like you showed stating it wasn't allowed by the C# 6.0 specification, but I declared the variables before using that call and it works beautifully. Thank you again.
  3. I'm making my first foray into KSP Plugin development. I am writing two PartModules in the plugin and I need to be able to drain and fill custom resources. I have a couple of stand-in test parts and a Resources.cfg file defining the three custom resources. One part module will take two of the custom resources and generate the third, which is drawn by the second part module. I realize that this behavior can be accomplished with stock modules, but I would like a little more control than say ModuleResourceConverter or ModuleGenerator provide. So, I need to be able to find the amount of a
  4. Glad to hear. What was the underlying issue, and how was it fixed if you don't mind my asking. I haven't tested my own mod in 1.10+, and haven't had any reports, but I'm not sure if its because everything works fine, or the size of my user base and I'd like to know how I might go about fixing any issues, if there are any.
  5. I've never used JNSQ myself so I tuned the rockets to the stock scale, or at least I tried to, so they would behave as close as one might expect. You are, of course, welcome to try. If you do decide to try, let me know the results (good or bad). I've only really glanced at JNSQ a couple of times because I'm not sure how my laptop would like it. I may give it more of a once over and see how much work it would be to make the parts usable with JNSQ. If I were to do it, I could always include a compatibility patch.
  6. You will need to add struts. I had hoped that the decouplers would keep you from needing struts, but they are still necessary. There are craft files included in the download if you want to use them instead of building from scratch. There are also sub-assemblies of the launch vehicles included so that you can build your own spacecraft to launch. Just adding struts to the top and bottom, where the decoupler model hides the struts should fix the problem if you want to build from scratch. Hope that helps.
  7. I will give it some thought, but I make no promises. I don't use RO or RSS myself, so I would have to download them just to do this. I'm quite busy with school at the moment, so I don't have time to work on the mod. Again, I make no promises that this will happen. Unless I'm mistaken, only you and one other person have asked for RO and/or RSS compatibility, but I will at the very least look into it.
  8. Are you playing a career game, or sandbox? I think I made sure the tech nodes referenced in the part CFGs were correct, but I'm not sure. So if you're playing a career mode game either you haven't unlocked those nodes in the tech tree, or I don't have the tech nodes referenced correctly in the CFGs. If you're playing in sandbox I'm not sure why you're not seeing all of the parts. You could try deleting ShadowWorks, and reinstalling fresh. If you got the mod through CKAN, I have no control over what it downloads, and I would suggest downloading from Spacedock, if you didn't download fr
  9. There are no RSS configs included in the download. The mod is balanced for Stock KSP. I do not use RSS myself, and don't really have the time for the foreseeable future to download it to try and make configs. I don't know if anyone else has made any either. If you, or anyone else wants to make configs for RSS, I'll gladly post a link in the opening post. Sorry.
  10. I don't know of any mods that interfere with mine. To post a screenshot you need to upload it first to an image hosting site like imgur.com, then copy and paste the URL of the image and in the forum here click the "Insert Image from URL", paste the URL into the window that pops up and it should put the image in your post.
  11. Try going in to KSP's Settings -> Graphics and setting "Reflection Refresh Mode" to "Low" if it is set to "Off". When I was making my reflective Orion capsule I discovered that it was shiny in the VAB, but dull black on the launch pad. When I changed "Reflection Refresh Mode" to low instead of off, it was shiny and reflective in the VAB and on the launch pad.
  12. The white Orion variant does not have a normal map if that's what you're asking. The textures were almost entirely remade for the ShadowWorks 2.0 update. Without seeing a screenshot of what you are seeing, there's not much else I could suggest except to select a better texture quality in KSP's Settings. Of course, for all I now you're using the highest settings for graphics. If you can, post some screenshots of what you're seeing so we might be able to figure out what's going on for you.
  13. Great! Glad it's working. I tried to make installing manually as easy as possible. Also, no dependencies, but there are ModuleManager patches for RealPlume and MOARDv Avionics System glass cockpit (the RPM replacement). So, if you have either of those mods installed you'll have glass cockpits for the Osiris (Orion) capsule and Horus (Altair) lander, and/or nicer looking plumes. Happy launchings!
  14. I'm not sure why CKAN is complaining. I don't use CKAN, and have no control over what it does with my mod when it's trying to install, and have no idea how it handles installing the ShadowWorks folder in GameData and dealing with the CraftFiles folder. There aren't any plugins in the mod, so there shouldn't be anything that would identify the craft file as ShadowWorks (except for the file name). It may be better to download the mod directly from Spacedock, and just overwrite (not merge) the ShadowWorks folder in you GameData with the one from ShadowWorks 2.0.3. The craft files did not chan
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