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  1. Phoenix IVA Progress: Base geometry almost done, then a few props, then textures, and I can start getting it in-game and adjusting Kerbal positions. There will be two versions of the IVA, one for a mostly stock game (stock throttle, and other props), and a MOARdV Avionics System (MAS) version with a main MFD, the "touch-screen" throttle, which will kind of give a warp speed indicator. The MAS version will be a ModuleManager patch so that if MAS is installed you'll have the MFD an other similar props along with the few custom button and display props I'll be making. Hopefully, the cockpit w
  2. I'm definitely gonna do the NX, and I'm gonna need a bigger universe too once it's in-game. Warp 1 for a second or two puts you well outside of Kerbin's sphere of influence, and I wouldn't go higher than Warp 2 in the Kerbol system. Warp 2 gives a nice comfortable ride out to Dres, but the NX has to be a Warp 5 ship, so it's gonna need somewhere to go. Once I've got the Phoenix IVA done I'm gonna start on the NX. It can be surprisingly difficult to find good orthographic line art. I've got orthographic renders though that I think will do nicely for the NX. This will be the first full
  3. I've gotten the Phoenix initially balanced and playable. Each part is tagged with the word "phoenix", so you can easily filter down to only these parts, but I have included a craft file that has two action groups set up: Action Group 1 toggles the deployment of the nacelles and Action Group 9 toggles the main and vernier thrusters of the Phoenix itself to allow these to be quickly shutdown before using the warp drive and to re-activate them for sublight operation after deactivating the warp drive. TrekDrive by ShadowWorks v0.6w Change Log v0.6w - Phoenix Initial release: ------
  4. No problem, it was really easy to get the patch set up after looking at the syntax for the module. Let me know if you find anything that doesn't seem correct.
  5. @micha I've added a compatibility patch to ShadowWorks to add ModuleConnectedLivingSpace if CLS is installed. It should work as expected now. The new version of ShadowWorks is now Of course if users have any issues with CLS in ShadowWorks, let me know in the ShadowWorks thread.
  6. ShadowWorks - Connected Living Space Update Changes * Added Connected Living Space (CLS) compatibility (will only work if CLS is installed) I had never officially supported Connected Living Space since stock crew transfer was available by the time I published ShadowWorks initially, but it has come to my attention that some prefer CLS to stock crew transfer for added realism. For this reason, I made a quick compatibility patch that should add CLS to the appropriate parts in ShadowWorks. Happy launchings!
  7. I'm having trouble with my plugin's GetResource calls. I have my part request liquid deuterium and antimatter while obeying flow priority, like liquid fuel and oxidizer. I thought that this was working with the code I had been using, but it was draining from any part containing those resources on the vessel. I started with the following code this.vessel.RequestResource (this.part, antiMatID, (minAntiMatter * 2f) * TimeWarp.fixedDeltaTime, true) I have also tried: this.part.RequestResource(antiMatID, (minAntiMatter * 2d) * TimeWarp.fixedDeltaTime); and this.part.RequestReso
  8. Yeah, that's kind of what I was afraid of; that you'd be able to get to orbit, but then not have enough ∆v to do anything else. I think it may finally be time for me to seriously look into making a JNSQ patch for ShadowWorks. I'm currently in the middle of development of a warp drive mod (TrekDrive), so I'm not sure when I will get around to this, but I'll see what I can do. I'd also like to do Waterfall configs for my engines, and I'm still working on figuring out the in-game editor there, so maybe both of those compatibility patches will come together. No timeline on when, but I thin
  9. I balanced the parts to the stock system. I don't use any system scaling mods myself and don't have any compatibility patches for scaled systems. I am not aware of any that others have made either. The launchers do sometimes feel a little over-powered for the stock system, though that could just be me, so it may work just fine in a 2.5x scaled system. You can always give it a try, it may work just fine, but I can't promise that it will work in a 2.5x scaled system. Sorry.
  10. UPDATE: I have gotten the Phoenix in-game, and gotten the plug-in to animate the glow of the nacelles to help give a visual indicator of warp coil charge levels. Screenshots: Once I get the Phoenix in a state where I feel it's balanced enough I'll do a development release so y'all can start playing around with the ship. Going Forward: Prior to full 1.0 release I would like to do the following: Definite: Change resources over to using LqdDeuterium and Antimatter from Community Resource Pack (Warp Plasma will be the only new resource added by TrekDrive) Add sup
  11. You make a lot of good points @JadeOfMaar. I was doing my testing in a clean install and so needed to define them, and wasn't even thinking about the other mods which already add Deuterium and Antimatter to the game. It does make far more sense to just bundle CRP with my mod instead of adding what will likely be a redundant resource definition for many users. As you pointed out, this also allows for other implemented mechanics to be used for ISRU instead of reinventing the wheel For gathering antimatter and deuterium I was planning on a simple (unrealistic) continuous trickle of deuter
  12. Base texturing complete. Still a little more to do with the colors, then normal map, specular map, and incandescent map.
  13. If you are using a career or science-mode save you will have to research the parts for them to show up. If you are using a sandbox save the parts should show up without issue. I tested the update in 1.11.0 and all the parts show up in my test sandbox save.
  14. ShadowWorks v2.0.4 Update/Fix: Spacedock Download Changes 2.0.4 -------------- ISS SAW Fix thanks to Hachiro * Re-exported the ISS SAW (Solar Array Wing) part * Now uses a single attachment node (no longer surface attach) * PAW text updated for easier readability and more informative operation * Deploying the Array plays the full deployment animation once, while the panels won't actually rotate independently and collect sunlight until they are activated. * Should remain deployed regardless of a packing/unpacking operation, so no more having to redeploy
  15. I'll do some tests and see what I can come up with in the way of what's going on and how to fix it, hopefully. Update: I've done some testing and I think it has to do with the fact that I used only one animation for each deployment. I think that when the "Extend Panel" buttons are clicked in quick succession that the animation keeps getting started over and only the first, or last deployment registers as fully extended. This then leaves the others in a constant state of "Status: Extending...". There is a temporary workaround while I work on getting this completely fixed. If you clic
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