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  1. Yeah, that's how it is attached. The jettison motor attaches to the capsule/docking port, and the abort motor/boost protective cover attaches to the jettison motor tower.
  2. Glad to hear it. I'll post a quick hotfix with the change. Edit: Here is a download for the 2.0.1 hotfix that corrects an error in the Altair Landing Legs config that prevented it from showing up in the career tech tree ShadowWorks 2.0.1 hotfix
  3. The "TechRequired" parameter is set as "utility" in the landing legs config file. Try opening the config file (AltairLandingLeg.cfg) and changing it to "advLanding" (without the quotes of course). Not sure if the tech tree progression removed "utility" as a tech level or not. Also, I've never use the Community Tech Tree mod, so I'm not sure if that is causing issues, but I'm not sure why it would.
  4. Announcing... Release of Version 2.0!!!!!! Spacedock Download An extensive overhaul of nearly every part; new models, new textures, new part modules, and new aliases for the parts. I'm quite pleased with how they all turned out, and even though they may not be things of perfection, the MOARdV Avionics Systems enabled IVAs for the Osiris (Orion) and Horus (Altair) look pretty good to me, and they function! A full change log can be found in the OP, on Spacedock, and in the download itself. Happy Launchings!
  5. Some more screenshots as testing continues. I'm pretty happy with how things are going, just a couple more tweaks and it may just be ready. All craft files that use new parts will, of course, be remade. I've also finally gone through and given most of the parts names using the originally intended Egyptian pantheon theme (as I don't recall seeing many mods using them, so what the heck), so I will be using those names going forward. First full flight of the Osiris (Orion) and Horus (Altair) lander on the Block IB Amun-Ra (SLS): After undocking to head down to the surface: Success! Successful redocking: Re-entry with Kerbin reflected in the heatshield: Some of the remade launchers: Block I Amun-Ra (SLS) Apophis I (Ares I) Apophis II (Ares II) Amunet STS Stack:
  6. Here are a couple more screenshots from the upcoming update. Full Mirrored Finish (not sure if this is the best idea) On the launch pad: Delta IV Medium on the pad: Delta IV Heavy in the VAB:
  7. I am actively working on the mod once again. I have all of Jupiter and Altair Lander parts in KSP, I just need to finish up their cfg files, and convert the textures to DDS. I'm currently working on the IVA for the Altair lander, and decided to finally do an actual interactive glass cockpit for the IVA. I've discovered, however, that RPM is no longer being actively developed. Would people prefer RPM, or MOARdv Avionic Systems (the RPM replacement)? Also, since it's been so long I am including some other surprises that will be revealed when everything is done.
  8. Most of the time it's related to the "_ShadowWorks_RealChutes.cfg" file. Try deleting that RealChutes config from the ShadowWorks folder. This should no longer happen, but it somehow keeps cropping up. Deleting that file should fix the problem.
  9. Since this is just a parts mod, it should work with 1.6.1 even though it isn't explicitly listed as such. Everything should work fine, but you can post here if you have any issues.
  10. I have wanted to redo the parachute because the lines don't line up with the part correctly so, I can certainly look into it.
  11. I haven't made any. I know there is a launch pad mod that I can't remember the exact name of at the moment that may have Delta launch pads, but I'm not sure. Maybe, and I stress maybe, once I've released the next update I'll look into adding a launch pad or two.
  12. That's great! So it was the parachute then I take it. I'll have to double check RealChute before I release the next update, which I promise is coming, I've been working some more recently and getting some things actually in-game.
  13. So it is the Orion that seems to be messing with things. Try this: Remove the parachute, and do not replace it. Launch without the parachute just to see if it flies as expected, and if all goes well and you make it to orbit, just revert to the VAB. If it flies okay without the parachute, then I'd delete the "_ShadowWorks_RealChutes.cfg" file. I haven't kept up with any possible changes to RealChute and it's possible the config I have is outdated. You could upload a screenshot to an image hosting site like Imgur, and then post it here. Unfortunately the forums don't allow direct uploads of images.
  14. What other mods are you using? I hate that the rocket is not flyable for you, and I'd like to help you get it working. Is the Block I SLS the only one having this issue? Are you able to launch the Block II SLS, or do all the rockets with the Orion snap?