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  1. They are KSPFields and are set to be persistent. I've added overrides for OnLoad and have at the very least corrected the nacelle glow issue, but it has yet to fully resolve the inability to re-engage the drive. Clicking "Check Ready Status" appears to do nothing. The "Check Ready Status" is set up as a KSPEvent. I'm setting up Debug logs to see if I can trace where it's failing. It does check to see if there are other active drives, but it only checks the active vessel, so I don't think it would "see" an active drive on another nearby vessel.
  2. I assume that you are clicking the "Check Ready Status" button before trying to engage the drive. If you haven't, you need to click that first as that checks to make sure that the coils are charged and the warp core is active. it's a manual thing, it doesn't check automatically. I also notice that your nacelles aren't lit up, which is part of the charge process. I want to make sure I'm understanding the situation completely. You warped to a location where another warp vessel was stranded, switched vessels to allow EVA the stranded pilot and transfer them to the rescue warp ship. The
  3. Thanks! I'm hoping that the symmetry will be a big help in the unwrapping department. I can unwrap an object that is duplicated and/or mirrored, then delete the mirrored object, and replace it by duplicating the newly unwrapped object and mirroring the geometry. That way, unwrapping one object is the same as unwrapping two. Also, any object that is exactly duplicated, i can unwrap all of them at once. Hopefully that at least helps the process move faster. I probably should have been unwrapping as I completed objects, but got so caught up in how good it was looking.
  4. I hadn't thought about using Waterfall's new distortion feature for the warp drive. I'll definitely have to see if I can get a good effect with it, and if so it will be included. The Phoenix actually already has Waterfall effects, they're not the greatest right now, but they're there. I really like the NX-01 as well, though my favorite Enterprise is the Sovereign class Enterprise-E. Have a look at the newly geometry complete (unless I realize I forgot something) NX class starship: It really has turned out really well, much better than I had originally thought.
  5. Glad you figured out what was going on, though RIP your kerbals. I'll have to see if there is a way for me to keep this from happening, though I'm not sure right off.
  6. You are, unfortunately, very correct. I hope I can do this model justice when it comes time to texture it out.
  7. We inch closer... The engineering section is more-or-less complete from a geometry standpoint. First Stage Plasma Accelerators, grooves, and the rest of the engineering section. Aft view showing sensor pack, airlock, and the main impulse engines. Now...on to the pylons and nacelles!
  8. Thank you. I hope that it all turns out great in the end as well. NX Update: I have the Engineering Pylons modeled, not completely though, still need to do a cutout and some geometry for the first stage plasma accelerator and a couple of other things, but for the most part the hard part is done. I'm not that great with more organic shapes so these were the part I was dreading on this model. But, I think that they turned out pretty good. Dorsal: Ventral:
  9. I was focusing on warp drive tech that behaves more or less like in Star Trek. Deflector shields are a bit outside of the scope of the mod. The shields would probably need to be 8 partial spheroids (starboard fore/aft dorsal/ventral [4], and port fore/aft dorsal/ventral [4]) for realism. The code would need to account for collision, number of collisions, or force of collision in order to determine shield strength in order to deactivate that portion of the shield. It would be a lot of work, and it would certainly be very cool, but my plugin skills are still in the early stages.
  10. I have started modeling the engineering section, but some IRL things have come up rather suddenly, so I'm not sure how much I will be able to work on this in the coming weeks. I do absolutely intend to complete the NX-01, so this is not being abandoned, I just want to make that clear. Development will just be slower for a little while at least. I just wanted to let y'all know that I haven't forgotten about this and why there may not be many progress updates in the coming weeks.
  11. NX Progress: I have completed the geometry for the saucer section. With this I will move on to the engineering pylons. Dorsal: Ventral:
  12. Options 1-3 will all be available upon release. They'll just be a few attachment nodes for the nacelle pylons, so not much of an issue. We'll see about the Refit.
  13. NX Class: I've started the navigational deflector, and completed most of the geometry for the aft dorsal area of the saucer section. Navigational Deflector Progress Aft Dorsal Saucer
  14. NX Progress: Bridge greeble is complete, and I have begun making the cuts into the saucer section, the major ones anyway (navigational deflector and secondary impulse engines) I've decided on the parts breakdown: Bridge (complete with IVA) Saucer (built-in maneuvering (RCS) thrusters, LqdDeuterium, Antimatter, WarpCore, and WarpFieldGenerator) Secondary Impulse Engine (utilizing stock Part Variants to do the port and starboard engines) Navigational Deflector (Stock Comm Module, and simple animation for the blue glow, no other planned functionality) Engi
  15. NX Class Starship: Kerbin's first Warp 5 capable starship has entered construction. I've got the main saucer structure roughed out except for cutting out the areas for the various dorsal, ventral, and aft cargo bay doors/loading areas, the secondary impulse engines, and the navigational deflector. Dorsal: Ventral: I'm pleased with how it's turning out so far, and am cautiously optimistic that I can churn out a decent NX Class model. Right now I'm planning on having the bridge section be the "command pod" to which the saucer would be attached, and the secondary impul
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