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  1. hey scarsz, really like this part set, antares and cygnus done really well imo. One issue ive found though, is when using the larger srb in .25 there is no visable exhaust or thrust observed. Without the longer burn time of the big castor it makes launching larger payloads, or even fully laden cygnus's a chore. Additionally, is a thrust of 1.6n on the OM engine really neccesary. I understand from a realism standpoint that may be the case, but from a gameplay perspective is it wise? I myself throw on a few of the radial ant engines to make up for it. perhaps a engine value of 20, or even 16 w
  2. Is it due to the difference between the (old) static and (modern) tracking panels beale? perhaps something's sharing between the two parts?
  3. Personally I think that the frontal cone section of the va capsule is a bit wide. I'd think that shaping the top of the capsule to 0.625? Would look better perhaps? A more steeper conical shape for the capsule?
  4. I'm rather in favour of option 1, i like the ribbing on the lower tank, doesn't look as plain-ish
  5. I'm getting some sort of a compatibility error when using real fuels with the procedural parts. For some reason, whilst all functionality of RF is as it should be, having them together partially breaks PP. I can stretch the tanks (length and width) but the function to swap out textures and manipulate the tank (ie. make it cone, spherical etc) no longer appears in the tweakables menu. Each mod works fine separately, and i'm only getting this problem with realfuels (spent 25 mins swapping out mods one to one to find culprit of breaking). Any input on the matter? ------------ ignore above
  6. im fairly certain they're up to date, i used the links posted back. v6 of rss and v3 of the 6.4 config i believe
  7. I've pretty much installed everything on your list (bar a few i didn't want) correctly, and whilst everything works; there is one massive issue: The KSC is now located several hundred meters below ground level, underneath the collision map of the planet. Every time i load up, the KSC scene is bugged out, under the ground and when launching, craft can fly for a short while before hitting the collision mesh and shattering into pieces?? any help?
  8. Recently decided to give these modes a go, as seen from the development of the singularity pack... So far I'm loving it, great work
  9. FASAs latest update added a zero power thrust transform to the glitchy tanks.... issues fixed on their end.... still devs should get around to a 'real' fix hopefully
  10. Unfortunately it seems I've found a bug I've been playing around with the new Agena, its a very good little system; and in its desired configuration, there's not a hitch. However the problem I'm getting, although rather small and seemingly simple; it's causing me quite a bit of frustration. I'm using the flight pack, like you mentioned, as a cool little lander using a stock inline probe body, batts, panels etc and with the all-in-one fuel and lander (minus fuel, ty tweakables) from the one man Gemini lander and for some reason, its causing the rcs system from the flight pack to become invert
  11. If you are genuinely thinking of letting other crafts go, I'd ask you to please, at the last continue with the soyuz-y stuff; ie launcher, Soyuz(s' ?) And progress crafts moving forwards. They are a great bunch of crafts and make up a sizable amount of my ksp space infrastructure. Both launcher and crafts are iconic and beautiful :-)
  12. not entirely if this is what you mean, but a stock solution i use is simply use two standard decouplers ontop each each other, with the bottom one upside down.... that way, the bottom decoupler detatches from the stack, with ullage motors also, then the top one detatches with the interstage fairing thingy off the engine at the same time, or just before next stage ignition.
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