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  1. I seem to have fixed it, I had problems with TextureReplacer and SSTU.
  2. Now I can really play with the mod. Trying to build the gorgeous Soyuz launcher, but I'm stuggling with the upper stage: What are the correct settings to get something similar to the Soyuz Block F? I'm not sure about which part to use for the corresponding engine either (currently missing in the screenshot): bare RD108A with some vertical adjustment to get the nozzles closer to the stage, and then an orange IPA around it?
  3. Much better with another version of TextureReplacer, stupid me. :> Visors are now working!
  4. Bingo! Much better, the parts now attach correctly. Thanks a lot! And you were right, I was probably using a wrong version of TextureReplacer, thank you for pointing that out. Sorry for the noise.
  5. There is one in my post above with the pictures. But wait, turns out I might be using a wrong version of TextureReplacer, I was misled by a mention saying "this version has working reflections" in the thread, but it is probably outdated. I'll try another one. Is there any chance it can solve Scatterer, or is Scatterer definitely not working for 1.7.1 yet?
  6. I am getting numerous errors in my logs that are related to TextureReplacer (but not necessarily capable of interpreting them) when running KSP 1.7.1. This is RangeMachine's version, I found the link in the first page of this thread and chose this one because it is mentioned that reflections are working and because the version is dated in March this year versus January for others. Is it not updated for this version of the game yet, or is there another version somewhere that I didn't find? (I can upload my KSP.log if necessary, but would first want to make sure I am using the right version of TextureReplacer before bothering anyone.) [Edit] Oh wait, RangeMachine's version is dated in March 2018, not 2019. I have to try other version then. [Edit 2] Bingo. Sorry for the noise.
  7. I am not using Windowshine. I am curious, do you guys have working visor reflections at the moment? If yes, I could surely use your shader plugin! I will ask in the TextureReplacer eventually, but right now my priority is to solve other issues with other mods (some SSTU parts don't assemble as they should). Then fixing Scatterer would be good too, but apparently I'm not the only one having these issues at the moment, until an update is released. The visor issue is minor, lowest priority at the moment.
  8. Thanks for the fast reply! So, do I understand it right that my issues with Scatterer are to be expected in 1.7.1? Then if no one else can use Scatterer, I'm not jealous. :> I am using TextureReplacer, since it is the one mentioned in the Spectra zip file. Should I try with TextureReplacerReplaced? The thread didn't seem quite active, I thought we were in need of a Texture Replacer Replaced Replacement. :<
  9. Thanks for the reply. I wanted to check first if that wasn't a known issue, since SSTU otherwise seemed to work correctly. I am running KSP 1.7.1 on Linux. Here is the content of my GameData folder: And... Turns out KSP.log is quite big. 25k lines. I guess that's not good. Is there a keyword I can use to filter a little before uploading that? "SSTU" occurs a number of times, but maybe I can narrow the search down to a typical error or something?
  10. First time using SSTU, and back to KSP after a while, so my question might be stupid but... I can't seem to attach the SM to the DM. The OM and DM are properly attached, but when I approach the SM under the DM, it snaps where it should, but if I click it stays unconnected, and the snapping spheres disappear. I have tried with either DM or OM as root for the ship, same issue: the DM won't attach. Is there something I am missing? https://reho.st/imgur.com/xc8l7wp.png https://reho.st/imgur.com/SXY4z0k.png
  11. Removing those two files fixed the black parts, but then I suppose none of my stock parts are affected by TURD. So I suppose Restock and TURD are conflicting for stock parts? My knowledge of either mods is close to zero, so it is hard to choose which one will be my priority. [Edit] Restoring the two .cfg files and removing Restock did solve part of the issue, but there are still some glitches I think. I do see visual changes when moving the colour sliders, but nothing that looks like the screenshots or videos, especially for metallic parts. They look more dull, and not so shiny (though there is some shiny effect). Chrome is almost dark grey too, and steel or similar presets are even darker. [Edit 2] Seems to work very well with SSTU parts though, so it is safe to exclude any driver issues (I'm playing on Linux):
  12. Not that I know of. No custom launch options in Steam. However, I'm playing on Linux, so maybe there are specific issues?
  13. Any idea of what could be wrong here? I have no experience with this mod, but moving the sliders in the right window has no effect, nor does moving the "appearance" slider in the booster tooltip. [Edit] Oh wait, the answer might be at the beginning of this page. I'll investigate. [Edit 2] Deleting TU_Stocl_Recolour did not fix the issue. However, it seems the issue is restricted to the shiny appearances. For example if I take one that seems to have correct colours in the part selector, and change the appearance to the "It's all shiny!" setting, it turns black:
  14. Several years without playing the game (and all my ships and saves are now lost of course because I was using mods that have not been updated), I have to say that your work significantly participated in my renewed excitement! I'm really glad to find a pack like that to dive in KSP again. The complicated installation of mods, especially the conflicts and sometimes difficulty in knowing which mod does what (can mods be combined or do they replace each others, etc.), have always been what kept me from getting back to KSP in the past. After having been used to the improved graphics, it is hard to find motivation for Vanilla KSP. Therefore, I'm very grateful that people maintain such great packs and do some curating to ease the whole process. I see that Scatterer is recommended for the pack, but unfortunately it seems to cause glitches in my case: Kerbin is very dark with a yellowish tint from space, and totally black from the ground: Removing Scatterer solves the black Kerbin ground, weird tint from space, as well as the thick opaque white glow. EVE clouds now seem to work correctly too: However, I would prefer having Scatterer working correctly and get the benefits of it. Finally, I'm also having a glitch with helmets, I am guessing it is related to reflection but I am not sure what mod causes that: Any ideas? I'm running KSP 1.7.1 since Kopernicus is not ready for 1.7.2 yet.
  15. Am I the only one to have weird issues with docking/chutes (supposedly)? I have a ship with two of these docked together before the launch. The staging is correct, and the ship works correctly when I go from the VAB to the launchpad. However, if I revert the launch to the launchpad, then the chutes deploy automatically (hands off the keyboard) when the game ends loading the ship. If I go back to the VAB and launch, it works again. If I revert again after launch, same issue is back. Also, sometimes, the staging of chutes is messed up after these reverts (but not all the time), although I don't know if this issue comes from the game or the mod. The issue also appeared once after I loaded a ship orbiting the Mun, still with these two docking ports docked together (same ship, actually, just without lower stages). I had to EVA to disarm them, quicksaved, and the issue was fixed. Later, on this very ship, but after I undocked the two parts, I incurred rapid unplanned disassembly on both sub-ships. Weirdly, this was not instantaneous, I could actually pilot both quite a bit before things went south and all bananas (for both ships, on two distinct game sessions). Another time, one of these subships turned out being just the docking chute after a quickload. Nothing else. It was working correctly when I quicksaved. And one last time, the ship just disappeared after I loaded a Kerbal standing next to a lander, which I assume was the result of another RUD. I did not actually do a lot of testing because the only ship I have been flying lately a lot of mod parts (I started a new save and don't have other ships yet). However, considering the unexpected deploys, the fact that the docking chute was the only remaining part in some cases, and that I did not incur any of these issues of preliminary versions of my ship with regular docking ports, the docking/chute makes a good suspect!
  16. It might be a bit off-topic, but since someone brought that and you answered... I'm new to RSS and Realism Overhaul, but I installed them yesterday, and figured I'd try the good old Soyuz ASTP with it. Plus I've read here that it's supported by RO, so why not. However, turns out it seems not to be scaled properly to RSS, in terms of power. The TWR is so low it barely lifts off, I can't ascend properly. The ship is pre-built so it's obviously not a building error, I probably did something wrong with mod installations instead. Is it patched by RO only for stock solar system? Are there different configurations for RO patches when using RSS?
  17. Silly question: I'm trying CKAN after a long KSP break, and this looks fantastic (although I was pretty impressed by LMM at the time too). Are you planning on making the ALCOR Lander compatible? I really love your lander, but this would largely ease the installation/update process.
  18. Do you mean we need to edit the limits in the .cfg file? That way, all rotatrons will have the same limits in the game, right? If so, I am not sure this is a good solution. Even inside one ship one may need different rotatrons, but even more among ships of a save. But I see in the two videos you posted after that the limits are set in tweakables, so there's a light hope! Have you changed your mind and made limits tweakables?
  19. Thanks a lot, my hopes are high now! And thanks for the tip about the flag in rotatron CFG. Could it be enabled/disabled while in game, with a tweakable in the VAB or the a "Lock" button in the context menu in flight?
  20. I do think like a circle with rotatrons, but a circle with limits in the travel angle the rotatrons can achieve. In the previous versions, I think rotatrons had limits to their travel angle because I could set one in the VAB with -90/90 as min/max values, and the resulting travel was what the red arrows show in the figure below (A). Now, if negative values are not possible anymore (min/max values to be set in tweakables rather than IR GUI), the only way to achieve the same amplitude is to set limits to 0/180 (. Of course you can turn the rotatron in the VAB to put the 0 on the left, but this is still less powerful: you cannot accurately stop your rotatron at 90° or -90°, only at 0° and 180°, and manually stop the rotatron when you guestimate it is 90°. The only way I can still get an accurate 90° angle is to set the rotatron to 0/90, but then I get half the initial amplitude, and can only get the 90° angle on the right (clockwise rotation). But actually I'm not even sure this is true, as I found no limits in the travel angle of rotatrons in the last IR version: whatever the min/max values I set in tweakables, they rotate indefinitely around their axe. There must be a way to set limits, limits are the only way to get accurate positions in rotatrons, and ideally limits in both directions, not just clockwise. :/ (Please tell me if I'm still unclear, I'll try to elaborate!)
  21. Woah! As an "invertebrist" IRL myself, I'm amazed by the level of details you've put into this, every little part you've added is meaningful! Fantastic work, I really love the chelicerae and opisthosoma. Please put the KAS module on the ventral face!
  22. Ok, seems the min/max values have been moved from the configuration window to tweakables, why not. But can you confirm it is no longer possible to set negative values? This is a regression in my opinion, it allowed more complex configurations with fixed positions (accurate due to limit caps). For instance, settings limits of rotatrons to -90 and 90 allows three accurate positions (min, zero, max), while 0 and 180 allow the same range, but no accuracy on the wanted angles. Is it definitive? Have I missed something to set negative values ? In addition, rotatrons' limits seem not to work. I've set some, but they just turn indefinitely.
  23. My version was downloaded less than 15 days ago so I thought it was up to date, sorry. Now with the new version, the toolbar icon works. But the update totally broke my space station. :< Going to improvize an emergency replacement of the whole energy supply part before Jeb runs out of coffee and realize the coffee machine doesn't work anymore! [Edit] Oh, why removing the max/min angles? That was absolutely perfect for me. One could simply ignore it, but if accurate angles were necessary, we could set limits and just activate the robotics till their limits. The removal of this parameter in the VAB feels like a regression for me. [Edit 2] Oh, seems it's now in the tweakables, sorry for reading the first post too quickly.