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  1. It's either stuff that should have been in the game, like the various procedural parts mods or KER. Or stuff that vastly improves gameplay & makes the game more interesting, fun or less annoying, like Waypoint Manager, RPM, SCANSat, tweakscale& the various aircraft parts packs I use (& Firespitter)
  2. Thanks for maintaining this, linuxgurugamer. You seem to me maintaining all my favourite mods these days.
  3. Thanks for updating SXT for 1.2, since I discovered SXT it's been one of my favourite mods.
  4. I've just noticed that the latest tagged release on GitHub is v20160205 while the version on CKAN is 20160515. Would it be posible to tag another release?
  5. Oops, sorry!. That's what happens when you just skip through the stream. But the new textures look great and I can't wait to see other parts you overhaul. EDIT: It's great to see these parts get the texture love they deserve
  6. I read RoverDudes's post, but I wasn't expecting him to start working on them so soon. Great news! EDIT: Had a look at the stream, it's amazing how much difference a different shader makes to the look of the texture.
  7. OK, right thread this time (I hope). Does anyone know of add-on textures for the Firespitter parts? The only one I've come across is PoleCatEZ's old XOverPack for .23, which among other stuff, retextures some Firespitter parts. Unfortunately it appears to make some other tweaks to the parts, and I'm not confident enough in my MM cfg editing skills to tell what is needed and what is not (or how to remove the unneeded stuff). Also hasn't ModuleManager syntax has changed since then?
  8. I'm still getting the bug where you cant move the LY-05 LY-01 (always mix the names) fixed landing gear in the SPH because they snap to the centreline of the object they are attached to and won't move, when you try to move them.
  9. Wonderful B-36 (as your other aircraft), far better than my attempt. Pity it's RSS only as I would have loved playing with the craft file if you ever decided to share it. But just seeing yours has inspired me to go and make some improvements to mine.
  10. Would it be possible to make thread titles links to the first page of the thread while in the thread. Just seems to makes sense to me, and I'm sure other people would find it handy.
  11. That's wonderful news, thanks. That will be a great improvement.
  12. Is it not possible for that tool of yours to automatically redirect incoming links? IMO it's not much use if you have to know about it and then go and fix every link you've made to the forums
  13. yeah, I just saw the message about IRC
  14. AFAIK all those features like custom emoticons and realtime notifications are available on or as addons for VBulletin. And I don't see why you can't just archive the Rocket Builders forum. I'm sure you have good technical reasons to move to other software, but you could tell us them, instead of listing superficial features which exist on VBulletin.
  15. Well, thanks for maintaining this, It's still one of my must have mods.