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  1. Do my eyes deceive me, or does this mod feature a Meteor satellite now? *weeps with joy*
  2. Thanks a bunch! Well, that was a rather embarassing failure... By the way, there is a small naming bug with Your Soyuz solar panels, both folding styles have exactly the same names and properties. As one can distinguish them visually, it's not a big Bdeale, but I thought I'd let You know anyhow.
  3. Hello Beale, love the trusses! After a 2-month long repair my laptop is finally ready to run KSP, so I did a fresh 1.3 install (quite a jump from 0.90, isn't it?) and downloaded Tantares. I hope that You will find the patience to help me with a question or two I've got: 1)I've noticed that the topmost conical part of the Salyut doesn't perfectly fit any of Your docking ports. Am I missing a part between the conical section and the docking port or was this intended and supposed to look like that? 2)Could You give me a run-down of the different docking rings and sizes and their historical counterparts? I'm a bit lost, really . Apropos, may I ask what the purpose of two different Soyuz orbital modules is? Again, do excuse my ignorance. Thanks for reading and sorry for bothering You.
  4. So the Polyus is an ISRU craft now, Comrade Bealski? Ah da, the capitalist pig-dogs won't have any idea what we will unleash upon them *evil laugh*
  5. IMO, TMK around 2-3 weeks before the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution would be perfect! Would You consider adding satellite-greeble to the 2019 wishlist? Something like the funny cages on the Dnepropetrovsk Sputnik series: Or the studded thingies on the Ekran series: The RD-0410 I think is unnecessary, if they were serious about it they would've gone nuclear electric or revived some older designs like RD-403 and -404... Or the RD-600
  6. Apropos Raduga, a non-inventory part would be an awesome film return capsule as used on Almaz. Optically, it should resemble the return capsules used on the Orlets spacecraft. It could also be adapted (in case You do not wish to make multiple versions (fully and absolutely understandable)) for Use on the Yantar-2K spacecraft.
  7. Are you working with BBC, Beale? And is this a subtle hint that Blackadder will finally be revived!?
  8. Gorgeous! I think the RCS looks good with that treatment, too. On the other hand, maybe it blends in better with other satellite parts if it is in ordinary grey?
  9. As far as I know, it does not appear to be adjustable... The whole sizing process appears very cryptic to me.
  10. Hello everyone, I spent a couple of hours yesterday searching for a Goddard problem solver which could be used for KSP RSS. Sadly, both POST and OTIS are under ITAR, Quickshot apparently costs a fortune... However, I did find 2 programs which could be used. It's just that I'm a wee bit too inept to make them work First I tried using ZOOM - it looks very promising (even the Falcon 9 launch & landing are simulated in one of the default scenarios!), but I can't for the life of me figure out why this happens: Does anyone know why? After that failure, I searched some more and found OpenGoddard - however, I appear to be far too dumb to code a program which would make use of this Python module. Has anybody found some other Goddard problem solvers?
  11. I like those! They have a loafy feel to them Plox bring back zhe old avatar
  12. Absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to try it out
  13. Whilst Astronautix may be vastly better than Wikipedia in some regards, it has its fair share of problems, too. E.g. the N-IM 1965 has in its description an engine upgrade to 250 tons of thrust, whilst giving around 2800kN of thrust per engine. However, Beale's source may have suffered from a double-typo - 8 before the 4 & 9 instead of 8...
  14. Apropos Polyus, You might find this interesting:
  15. What is this new avatar AND WHY IS IT NOT A LOAF!? Who kidnapped our daily bread?!
  16. I'm sorry if I missed this... You know - Polyus - mouth-open & all that jazz! Machst 'nen prima Job, wäre wirklich 'ne Schande wenn so ein schönes 3D-Modell nicht seinen Weg in dieses Spiel finden würde
  17. I can chuck you the .cfgs in RL size if you want. They should work just fine with the new patch, I think.
  18. @NeoFatalis @Rory Yammamoto In the meantime, I would suggest downloading the OLDD N-I parts pack for this purpose. The parts are nearly in line with Beale's, and in the years I've used them these 20 or so parts were more than capable to simulate everything from a 200kg to 400ton LV, completely fulfilling my needs for Soviet-style launchers.
  19. Can't comment on the engine parts unification as I use something else entirely... But I think white suits the rocket parts best, while outer-space parts look just fine in their shade of gray.
  20. Beautiful little part! I feel old when I think about how Tantares has grown and developed Remember these, old sport?
  21. Is... is that Polyus? (You see, kind comrade Bealski, it appears as if you have just made me rise from the forum-dead with this post)
  22. Dir auch 'nen guten Rutsch What I'd really look forward to, and one of the rare things I've got the audacity to request... I'd really LOVE to see some frequently-launched satellite buses "contarized". Like the KAUR-1 (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/qpzfNOyr45g/hqdefault.jpg) and Meteor-1 (http://www.satflare.com/news/n3835/meteor-1-1.jpg). Those were launched rather frequently on lots of different missions, and I assume that they would add a lot of flavour to playing with Tantares+Contares.
  23. Nice! Now it looks a lot more like a true capsule! (And not flat like out of some Japanese cartoon ) Since when does Comrade Chief Constructor have access to our surveillance methods, Dmitry?