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  1. At some point Kerbalism was intended to be run alongside the Connected Living Spaces mod, but that was many versions ago, and the link seems to have disappeared from the wiki anyway. I have absolutely no idea how the two mods interact now. That was one of the original intended methods to create a storm shelter, or an airlock. I guess ShotgunNinja never wanted to add CLS as a requirement, but then if it was optional nobody ever used it.
  2. I think you can use the "habitat enabled/disabled" control to vent air from some ship compartments, which forces your kerbals into the more heavily shielded areas. The mission planner screen does adjust radiation exposure totals and mission exposure lengths based on this in the editor, though I've never tried it in flight. I assume it means having to carry yet more nitrogen to repressurise afterwards, which isn't ideal.
  3. The single use science parts (Goo and Materials study) aren't giving 100% science return. Is that a deliberate change, or a repeat of the bug from the older version of Kerbalism?
  4. Yep, that works. Got it figured out. Thank you.
  5. I'm probably doing something dumb trying to get this to work. I'm guessing it's meant to kerbalism 1.2.8 + modulemanager 2.8.0? Just seems to crash on loading.
  6. In the current version, do we have to worry about radiation and extra shielding in vessels with Near Future reactors? I recall this being mentioned, but wasn't sure if it had been implemented.
  7. There's a fairly serious bug with kerbals going on EVA. It's easy to recreate. Make a test craft that is just a Mk.1 Command Pod, go on EVA on the launchpad, and check the kerbalism life support/command panel for the craft your EVA kerbal just got out of. It displays an error instead of the life support and control status. If you get back into the craft again, everything returns to normal, but if you plant a flag while you're outside the craft, something breaks even further. Planting a flag on EVA can leave craft uncontrollable even with a pilot on board, and the only way to recover the craft then is to restart the game.
  8. I've got far enough in career now to unlock resource transfers, so there's an easy solution. Would've been possible to work around the problem too if I'd realised we had to, but the oxygen storage tanks had flow priority values so I assumed they were supposed to use them, and there was some official solution.
  9. Is there a way to make life support resources use the flow priority rules? My kerbals keep being killed by lack of oxygen because their ship drains the oxygen from their reentry pod first. As soon as the pod decouples from the stage with all the storage, they suffocate.
  10. Aha! Very neat. You can even set notes too. Thanks ShotgunNinja!
  11. Is there a way to adjust which warning messages will halt timewarp? I looked in the config files, but there seemed to be nothing there. It gets very annoying to fly an interplanetary course when your timewarp keeps getting halted by some old Mun probe complaining about its batteries being low, or a Minmus orbiter periodically losing line of sight to home.
  12. Does radiation have a cumulative effect on crew over multiple missions? I don't know if I should be adding loads of shielding to avoid increasing the lifetime dose for my veterans, or if I just need enough to avoid death by radiation on individual missions.
  13. I don't understand what's happening with my install then. The only other mod I had was scatterer, which shouldn't conflict. I tried again with scatterer removed and still couldn't get Kerbalism to work right. Am I missing some prerequisite? I used the latest version of Kerbalism on KSP 1.1.1 64bit on Win7, and I see no oxygen, food or shielding on any of the crew pods. I do have the mod parts like inline food storage, greenhouse, gravity ring, and so on, but stock parts aren't adjusted as they should be.
  14. Did you find a way to give the crew pods all the life support resources? The mod will play on 1.1.1 but there seem to be critical bits missing.
  15. I'm not sure if I've installed this wrong, or there's a problem with 1.1.1 compatibility. The stock crew capsules are supposed to be modified when using this mod so that they carry oxygen and other life support resources? I am not seeing that, which makes early career a bit difficult since it leaves no parts with any oxygen capacity.
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