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  1. hey, is the Muon Detector mod dead?

  2. MechJeb 2.5 for KSP 1.0 released! It has a bunch of updates, but the 1.0 compatibility fixes are the most important right now. Things that are currently quite broken: Landing predictions on planets with atmospheres. I've done the best I could to make it at least land on them, but expect to be quite off target. Spaceplane guidance: it's too unstable right now to handle most landings, though it still can keep a heading well enough to be usable. Expect a revision release soonâ„¢ with more work on that. Pretty much anything done in vacuum should be fine, report any issues on those.
  3. We're currently thinking of $10 for the Kickstarter (which gets you in the Steam Early Access release + DRM free version when the game is done), then $15 during the Early Access phase (Steam only) and finally $20 after release. Paying more to get access earlier sounds silly, we're giving people a more buggy experience and getting free beta testers, you guys deserve to pay less for that
  4. Here is a full log of #kspmodders on 2014-07-25, in which I believe most of the discussion took place. Here are some quotes from where it starts:
  5. I've re-published 2.3.1 without checks for KSP revision, so if you've got KSP 0.24.2 and it's complaining about compatibility, just download it again. If we get a 0.24.3 that doesn't break anything, there shouldn't be any extra warnings.
  6. Released a 2.3.1 version so Compatibility Checker stops complaining, else than that, no changes. While Curse reviews the file, you can grab the update here: http://jenkins.mumech.com/job/MechJeb2%20Release/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/jenkins-MechJeb2%20Release-15/MechJeb2-
  7. MechJeb 2.3.0 released! Just a quick release for 0.24 compatibility (as some stuff broke pretty hard). We'll probably follow up with a 2.3.1 release soon(ish) to add some better support for the new 0.24 features.
  8. Didn't get any action shots, as the moment of getting it upright is pretty intense. I think by the last one only took 2~3 tries, but it was a learning process the proper balance of fuel in the "leg" area, and patience with the thrust, which needs to be just enough to get it starting tipping, and then some more bursts to stop it shaking to pieces when it comes back. I'll see if I still have a save with one ready to lift, if I do I'll try making a short video.
  9. New star shader on the game scene, currently working on integrating the galaxy and system generators for a fully flyable microverse :-) EDIT: And the integration is done! This galaxy has 4K+ stars, and each one can be visited now. Things are running fast enough we can increase the number of stars in the galaxy considerably if we need to.
  10. Cowards, running away from a mere 3k parts rocket But seriously, a challenge that highlights the bugs of the game wouldn't be too much conductive to an official event like this. I've built stuff this big before, and I know it likes to explode the physics even before having to deal with docking nodes and claws... Also, doing long missions where you are stuck in slow motion for the whole duration due to the part count isn't very fun. (I'm the designated driver for my team, this challenge took a LONG time to get done)
  11. I've had my share of bugs, mostly the floaty undock, though my console was flooded with nullrefs all the way through. Didn't get any save-corruption though, and I've noticed that if the floaty bug happens, at least here, I can save (at the bugged state) and load again, then try undocking again (it apparently doesn't actually undock in the floaty state) and it works then.
  12. I am unable to do things the easy way, so I'm looking forward for the other entries :-) As for the claw decouple+float bug, I've come across it a few times, and I think it happens when you release the root node before you release all the joint-only ones. You can't really tell which is which, so I suggest just reloading and trying in a different order.
  13. Yes, it's hard. Yes, you stumble on bugs every step of the way. But I'm having a blast assembling this using stock only. It'll probably take another day to get it fully assembled and ready to launch, mostly because the number of parts of the rocket + assembly equipment means I'm running on slow motion all the way through. I'm OK with the deadline as-is, but I'm not opposed to an extension, considering we have the 4th coming up and all that.
  14. I'll put a version up on Curse, sorry for leaving it unsupported for a while. Anyone with any issues with it on 0.23.5?
  15. This is a small utility that uses the Unity Editor's AnimationCurve edition interface to edit FloatCurve values for use in KSP PartModules (Engine efficiency curves, for example). How to use: Download this unitypackage Create a new Unity project or use an old one Go to Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package... and select the file Import all the contents (it's a single file) A new KSP menu will appear (if you already don't have it) after you click anywhere in the menu bar, go to it and select the Curve Editor ??? Profit! You can edit the information in any of the areas (Unity editor, text boxes or text area), and the others will update. Whenever you are done, just copy the contents of the text area to your part.cfg file. You can also paste a copy of your curve from a part.cfg to start editing. Let me know of any problems or suggestions for improvement. And above all, have fun
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