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  1. It has to be somewhat balanced in my mind, just because it seems that sleek things perform well
  2. I made this a while back and never finished it, I just recently refined and separated the parts. This is made of several parts now and I'd like to put them in ksp, but I am clueless as far as texturing goes I'll make some basic collider meshes tonight, assuming there is any interest in not leaving this thing a grey-skinned mess
  3. Its been ages since ive been around here, And I fear B9 is going the way of sunday-punch, Has there been any word from Bac9 at all ?
  4. Eve, Generally if you land there youre not coming back
  5. Very first (public) iteration of the game, Was relatively active in the forums in they days of Sunday punch and having no runways but ive been playing constantly
  6. Ahh, Miss Kent. I will never forget her. A math teacher that avoided math like the plague. we'd come into class and be told to "draw or something" while she bought things on ebay, Unfortunately this was at a rather sensitive time (6th till 9th grade) which threw me way behind on my maths, As it did her entire class. complaints were made but she was not 'let go' until the year I moved on to highschool. I had to learn basic algebra in my sophomore year.... I guess things turned out alright but still, I would have been much better off with someone else. She was also the only teacher ever to write me up, And that was because I said she should be fired directly to her.
  7. They will not survive
  8. Well good, the NDA was ridiculously strict.. id imagine its an 'open' beta because of what happened when they screwed up the permissions
  9. Read the NDA, I bet the suits are already on their way! -KSP (obviously) -DayZ mod -Hawken (who's NDA more or less asks for publicity) -MWO (don't ban me please) -Borderlands 2 -Prison Architect Waiting for -Dishonored -Worms Revolution -DayZ Standalone
  10. until its set up its a bit of a headache but fun once its up and running , Ill add it
  11. Armadillo run - I have no idea how i forgot it, I love that game, Well worth what I paid, Demo here http://www.armadillorun.com/demo/
  12. There's a List of mentioned games in the first post now. I hope noone sees this as blasphemy, I love KSP but I think we all love to create things. I in no way want to drag potential buyers away from KSP x-x Buuuut seeing as how its in the KSP forums they all have to have some knowledge of KSP right?
  13. I have 350 some hours in Gmod and have admin'd a server for a good while, if they made things less.... floppy.... I'd play again My last good creation was a little pusher prop micro-engine powered aircraft with retractable landing gear, it was good fun to fly too but i quit whenever wire2 came out, didn't want to relearn things... hah weld, so many welds
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