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  1. Dang, saw the thread title and was going to say wheels but you beat me. Though you might want some lights and or emergency boosters so you can get some mad air time. Like in Armageddon.
  2. Might put some up tomorrow, just gotta take some screenies and try and make some descriptions as good as yours.
  3. Love your VTOL craft, so small and efficient. When you made your first VTOL, the Herbie I think it was, led to me making some of my own and boy did I make a few. I know what you went through and I know these craft require quite a lot of trial and error to make something that operates smoothly. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
  4. Thanks, will look into it. Never really recorded stuff but even with my horrid upload speed I find It much easier to just make a video rather than deal with innumerous screenshots.
  5. Worth it. I can't yet into editing so you might wanna skip a bit of the flight. I could upload the other video of the craft actually making it through, a MUCH smaller craft, but I thought that this would be a better allotment of my very limited upload bandwidth. Mate. On a side note bandicam is baaad, does anyone know what else I could use to record?
  6. It's funny, Your "bee" craft is nothing like mine . Well done though, cargo ssto are troublesome ladies to make even on good days .
  7. Was just watching topgun too! but no buzzing.... only, Rumbling the tower.. not that close but I hit the thing more times than one lol so I'll just leave it at that. Podding the tower.. (ignore the parachutes, forgot to take them off). And preparing to invade the tower.. Allthough these events weren't particulary fast, each one would still have seen their fair share of spilt beverages and stained pants. Would put screens of landing etc, but my post is aleady hugemungus.
  8. Wish this game had multiplayer, Vtol races in the canyons! Very nice design, simple yet complex.
  9. Lol good idea . shame I dunno how lol.
  10. Noice mate. Wish I knew how to space!
  11. Good evening fellow make things and cause them to explode enthusiasts. Today, well yesterday, I have made my own version of the Podracer. With the introduction of the new flight control stabilizers, it is very stable, yet, crazy to fly, making it the perfect choice to procrastinate in!. There are two versions of the podracer, being similar but fly quite differently. They also have the ability to take-off and land like a normal sapce plane.. sort of. Enough with the text, heres some pictures. Both the short and long versions. Speed test. Note though at sea level it floats around at about 126
  12. Yeah, allthough I shoulda read the first post better, I didn't notice it said to use the mod panels. >.<. oh well lol.
  13. Tried =\, Once they get too big they become brick like with their manuverability. Well, atleast they look pretty decent for stock. Early model; Next model; latest model; (missing a few panels and the antennae aren't extended) Sorry about the ENORMOUS pictures. Only have 4 posts when I made this one.
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