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  1. A part in the VAB that would work similarly to the ISA mapsat mod, but would be official. Maybe the creators of ISA mapsat could work with Squad, like C7 got to? I'm on limited time. If any Squad member, or anyone affiliated with Squad read this, then I would appreciate it extremely, because my voice has been heard.
  2. In the KSP engine, water is literally almost regarded as land. If anything in Kerbin's water goes past it's impact tolerance rate, it immediately would explode. In order for an update like that, you'd really have to convince Squad, because they have tiny resources working on the actual game. Have you seen the devblogs? only 1 or 2 people are working on the game at a time. The rest are working on the forums, the ksp webpages, the installer, FAQ's. Squad is too underpowered.. I would actually be willing to work for them if I knew how to program and if I wasn't a 15 year old teenager.
  3. I've run into this problem so many times. What you have to do is (If you brought a satellite with you) You have to propel something smaller than the RCS block at a higher speed than it's impact tolerance rate. It should go clean through the tank, blowing it up to let your kerbal escape. OR You could cheat with the KSP command console's (Alt+F12) "Whack-A-Kerbal" (Some wouldn't consider it cheating). ALERT BE SURE TO QUICKSAVE AND BE SURE TO QUICKSAVE!!!!!111!!!!11111!69!111420!11!!!
  4. Send me the .craft file, and I'll return with the magic. I'll try to decrease lag as much as possible.
  5. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////
  6. I'm pretty much a master of this game. I can help with basically any of the jobs. If you need me, I can be an "Advisor", or backup person because I'm good with anything in this game. Docking, contructing VTOLS, Jet fighters, Stations, Probes, basically anything except for SSTO's. I can't do SSTO's. They're my only weakness.
  7. Thank you so much. I give you much respect.