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  1. sal_vager, thanks for relieving my sanity, I'm running the purchased .17 version, and when I tried the Orbit tutorial, the instructor said he assumed I'd done the previous tutorials, which I would have loved to do, but could not find, so I assumed I was missing something.
  2. I'm at 2:02 in the video when I fail. I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to duplicate this, moving my mouse in every conceivable direction, and rotating every which way, and it just won't happen. At the bottom left of each post, all I see is the warning triangle for reporting posts. I'm using Firefox with NoScript, and I've hit Temporarily Allow All This Page, and still I don't see the star, or even the "Blog this Post". I wonder if it has anything to do with my sheer newness. I've only just registered for this Forum yesterday, and this will be my 5th post. For the moment, I hope you can accept my thanks in lieu of a rep boost.
  3. For the record, the video I'm watching, if this forum allows me to post links, is this: Once he tries to attach engines to the sides, he loses me for my failure to align the parts. By the way, I want to thank you guys for responding and trying to help, if I understood how to give you guys rep boosts, I would, but I can't seem to find anything to clicky for that, either.
  4. I have not, I was trying to follow his video as precisely as possible. I also did not know you could turn off the snap-to feature, I'll try both of those things, thanks!
  5. I've been rotating the parts, and additionally, I've been using the symmetry and snap-to-angle buttons, but the parts just won't line up correctly. For example, in the video I was attempting to follow along with, he has you start by laying some fuel tanks in a line, and then adding more along the side. When I attempt to get the tanks on the side into place, they keep jumping along, and no matter how I move my mouse, I cannot get them into the same place that he does, nor can I get them to snap on "close enough". They typically refuse to snap on straight, preferring angles.
  6. I purchased and downloaded the .17 version on Wednesday night, but instantly ran into troubles. My "training" only has two modules, neither of them are for beginners like me. My New Game menu doesn't have Career, only Sandbox. Further, when I tried to follow along to a how-to video that was building a basic jet plane, my pieces wouldn't go on the way his did, even though I was sure I was using the same parts. I couldn't get my parts to attach in the same way as his. Yesterday, I ran the Patch.exe to do a Repair, and it said it fixed 500-something files, but I'm sill having issues. Am I doing something wrong?
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