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  1. Found it! It looks like it was science revisited revisited.
  2. It made it so that on things like thermometers and barometers, there was 100% science transmission, but for other non sensor experiments (like mystery goo) there was the vanilla transmission rate. Thanks!
  3. Niot even a big issue, but it still got changed! Thank you squad!
  4. The experiments for this mod are the reconfigured versions of that mod under a new part, so the contract node's setting would be under this mod, which needs to be set to match.
  5. I am having a CTT tech tree problem with this mod and DMAGIC orbital science. The universal storage variant's of the tech aren't in the same node, or even branch of the tree. Like the Univ. GOREsat is in actuators, and the Univ. Orbital telescope is in specialized construction, when the normal telescope is in advanced exploration. Is this weird mismatch a bug? And is there a patch or fix?
  6. cooltot

    List of mods compatible with 1.4

    It was dying until you bumped it