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  1. I would really like a planet with a story behind it. Maybe loaded with anomalies, and science descriptions could fill out lore, maybe about a lost civilization. Sorta like nova's original ideas.
  2. You will have to update KSP from wherever you downloaded it, not through CKAN. If it was steam, it should auto update once you launch steam.
  3. Causes Glitch Traverse Eon Safe from glitch Dawn Oblivion Wall Ascension So I was writing a list of what visual parts cause the blueness, but i noticed something odd. It seems that with every one I add it gets more blue? I have no idea why this would happen, but this is after adding four. (Dawn, oblivion, wall, ascension) And this is what it looked like with just traverse. Compared to an image of my original install, which had all 6 installed. And this is what it is supposed to look like, with 0 visual packs on. Very interesting behaviour. And I have no idea what causes it. I'm pretty sure its an eve problem, as removing it makes it go away. Do you have any possible ideas?
  4. Seems to be traverse visual pack causing the gllitch, but I have only tried dawn and traverse. Will post some more if any others cause it.
  5. Put all the planet base mods in, no glitch. I'll try adding the visuals one by one to see if i can find a source for you.
  6. I think I found an incompatibility/glitch with this mod installed and Spectra visual pack. If you have them both enabled Duna ends up being a bright blue. I am experimenting further to see too make sure that its not some other mod, but I am pretty sure it is these two. EDIT: Clean install with just the world beyond and spectra confirms this bug is an incompatibility. I do not know what mod needs to be patched though.
  7. No other visual mods, but I have opened the EVE GUI. Is there a way to fix those lines? EDIT: Installed it on a clean save and no issue, so it looks like its one of my other mods screwing it up. Sorry for bothering you. I'm going to go and try to fix it EDIT 2: Looks its a problem with "The World Beyond." EDIT 3: clean install with both the world beyond and spectra confirms this.
  8. Getting a blue duna, but it seems different than the one on the previous page of the forum. Its a much brighter blue, and I'm on the latest version of Kopernicus. Here's a screenshot. EDIT: I removed EVE from the game and it seemed to make it non blue, so it seems to part of those configs. But also thanks for doing all this work in making a beautiful visual pack.
  9. Found it! It looks like it was science revisited revisited.
  10. It made it so that on things like thermometers and barometers, there was 100% science transmission, but for other non sensor experiments (like mystery goo) there was the vanilla transmission rate. Thanks!
  11. Niot even a big issue, but it still got changed! Thank you squad!
  12. The experiments for this mod are the reconfigured versions of that mod under a new part, so the contract node's setting would be under this mod, which needs to be set to match.
  13. I am having a CTT tech tree problem with this mod and DMAGIC orbital science. The universal storage variant's of the tech aren't in the same node, or even branch of the tree. Like the Univ. GOREsat is in actuators, and the Univ. Orbital telescope is in specialized construction, when the normal telescope is in advanced exploration. Is this weird mismatch a bug? And is there a patch or fix?
  14. It was dying until you bumped it