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  1. LOL.... i can make it to the moon, but im not a very good rocketeer... I havnt made it farther than the moon yet. Ive drfted farther, but not powered.
  2. you could have a wing jut out on the opposite side of the plane with nothing but weight, ie fuel. Would act as a counter balance and keep it even.
  3. man.... i need to find a tutorial on how to build a reliable boat. I cant seem to get one going more than 30 m/s. Faster than that, parts start falling off. OR... it goes nose down, even when weighted to the rear or middle. If i find a reliable design tonight, ill upload some pictures
  4. I think ill retry the mission with a rescue craft. Although since he landed on the planet safely and isnt there anymore, it would be nice to actually land and not be cut in half by a awol set of wings.
  5. LOL. I cant even make it to deep space reliably. Im more a plane builder, so maybe im just having issues. Either way, its funny that it actually killed your kerbal is it would in real life... explode from great deal of heat.
  6. (Wouldnt let me post in blog because of the IMG /IMG code, so id share my venture here.) I had a thought... I love building aircraft, so why not actually go somewhere with it? Lets go to the north pole! Heres a photo blog to show my progress. Heres to Bill Kerman:cool: THE MISSION: Fly to the north pole, dump the fuel and jet pod, and glide down to Bills new home away from society. Take off- Flies pretty straight. A little shaky because of the glider being attached to a fuel source. Took off around the 80m/s mark. Flight- Flight was pretty boring. Got to altitude and put the SAS on for a while. Almost there! - Altitude, speed and time- About to decouple the fuel and engine- DECOUPLED!- VICOTRY... now just to glide down to a nice soft landing to live out my days in the polar ice caps- It seems we have a problem. The fuel pod glided upwards and cut me in half. FAIL- Pre-ejection- EJECT- Deploy Parachute!- Although he landed safely on the ground in his ejection pod, he was so ashamed that he wouldnt allow for photos. Bill Kerman is still unable to be reached for an interview.
  7. Getting it to the water shouldnt be an issue... I have some carts plugin and parts that has large wheels with suspension. Could just load the sides with those, then have a decoupler to lose them once in the water. Would just need 2 things. A TON of wheels, and to get off the runway to avoid the drop at the end.
  8. LOL... i made a X wing recently. Love the starwars themes
  9. Forgive me for being frank, but what would you use this for? Just for the heck of having a hanger to pull out of?
  10. man, id LOVE to see that happen. Maybe with the panels mod it would be possible... I shall give it a try. I am very doubtful though. lol.
  11. Looks like a mix between Russian and chiller font. I really like it. Good job.
  12. Wow, that is remarkably close to my design for a water landing boat. Im working on getting a platform to walk on and rescue other crafts with. Ladders and such.