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  1. if this is how you feel about your wife, why did you get married :^J straight people are amazing
  2. i too am ready for a new film. everything on tv is boring me
  3. And so... how did they get to this point? By bootstrapping off of a dying Earth? I'll be happy to take back my reservations about the setting if there's some detail about how they actually develop their spaceborne infrastructure before Earth is all gone and ruined. At any rate, the "Earth is destroyed but humanity is safe because we went to space instead" trope is pretty played out, but whatever.
  4. If you can get any large amount of infrastructure in space, then it can be used to develop weapons, if not used as weaponry itself, so while I would personally predict a future of space warfare revolving mostly around ASAT weapons and related tech for the next (few) centur(ies), I wouldn't rule out large-scale space warfare altogether if we assume that there is ever going to be any sort of large-scale space development. I'm somewhat optimistic myself, for reasons that I've elaborated on before, although I'm not holding my breath for it. However, any future history calling itself "accurate
  5. The problem with your post has nothing to do with being "girly" and everything to do with the fact that you're asking us to comment seriously on the connection between Kerbin and MLP that you established yourself in your fanfic AU
  6. You can't see it because you need to decalcify your pineal gland to access the infinite Wi-fi connection of the ancients, which will project streaming video of the Earth's other side onto the glass ceiling of the sky mounted at the 100km Karman line. Easy installments of $29.99/mo for 12 months, address checks directly to Zordon the Wise
  7. I think my new favorite conspiracy thing is when proponents of different conspiracy theories duke it out on the invisible battlegrounds of youtube and dingy websites filled with web 1.0 artifacts that haven't gotten new forum software since 1999 and then there are the reconcilers
  8. I don't really have a "favorite" period but I'm extremely interested in early multicellular life, both post- and pre-Cambrian. Ediacaran biota are really curious.
  9. illegal wrestling moves. you have to ask dark google for those
  10. Interplanetary is pretty cool and modestly realistic!
  11. 3/10 frustrating but easily solvable. Wet a sponge and ball it up until you can't squeeze it any tighter, then tie a string around it to hold it together and let it sit until it dries hard. Remove the string and flush it down the enemy toilet. It will expand as it absorbs water and reliably clog up the pipe.
  12. Honestly, the bananas-OP reaction wheels strike me as somewhat redundant ever since part modules were implemented and especially ever since all command modules were fitted with RCS tanks. It feels weird being able to turn my ship around all the time with nearly zero electrical power whatsoever and no fuel at all. Probe cores and CMs could have some basic RCS thrust capability implemented by default, too, so beginning players don't need to worry about it as much. Maybe reaction wheel strength could then be adjusted as a difficulty setting.
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