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  1. I use 'micro-mods'; that is to say, mods that make very small changes or improve graphics, not adding large new gameplay systems. That way I can feel 'honest' about my gameplay whilst still having a better time. I mean, why not have first person EVAs, have rockets exhausts be a light source, or indeed have access to proper flight data?
  2. 0.17 I was on the fence about buying the game till I saw all the planets you could go to.
  3. Bill. I just can't disassociate Bob from being a jerkass obstructive bureaucrat after The Grand Tour. Bill was alright though.
  4. My stats are: Windows 7 Intel i5 2410M (2.3 GHz) 3072MB RAM Nvidia GT550M with Optimus. Latest drivers. I can play KSP an indeed most games that I load up for five/ten minutes absolutely fine. Then, almost inevitably, incredibly loud crackling noises start, framerate drops to single digits (and for more intense games to less than one per second) and time ingame passes in slow motion. Unless I'm plugged into my TV; I have a big tv in the living room which I use as my laptop screen via HDMI cable, and despite being higher resolution than my laptop performance is just fine (none of the above issu
  5. Won't soundtrack editor eventually also include in-ame control over what music is playing, as well as being able to set certain music for more specific contexts (e.g. a playlist for Duna, or a song that plays when you've landed on Vall)? Its creator is still active and did say to expect these things.
  6. Kevin Macleod's Five Armies is more or less mandatory as my launch music. It and some more dramatic tunes might get pulled out for more exciting landings too though. My actual in-space music playlist is 55-odd songs so I'm not listing it, but drew it from: Portal and Half Life Eve Online Battlestar Galactica Bioshock Final Fantasy Mass Effect XCOM Halo Firefly Deus Ex and then for non-soundtrack musicians it's: the Faunts Working for a Nuclear Free Kevin Macleod Taylor Davis Faithless The Doors Fujiya & Miyagi Massive Attack And (obviously) David Bowie's Space Oddity Mostly spacey ambient
  7. It takes ages to load and I have a butyl pad of mods, but it plays smoothly. The real issue is when a ship gets blown up or something; the game refuses to revert to launch, go to space center or even quick-load so I have to restart. Of courser this might happen in x32 as well but that is utterly impossible to actually start so that's a moot point really.
  8. Whatever the plans are for mining implementation, it's what I want next. That, more planets, or more stuff going on on planet surfaces.
  9. Maybe they mean that it's hard to force yourself to do unnecessary **** like this when as has been established alternatives are availible.
  10. My Laythe Lander ran out of fuel on ascent at 35000m and I had to bail Jeb out, still inside the atmosphere, and jetpack back to the station from there. Made it with about 2% fuel remaining.
  11. Yeah that's the whole point of the mod. Alongside seeing what it's like launching from a kerbin orbiting around Eeloo and trying to get back to the centre of the system.
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