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  1. out of curiosity, are suggestions/ideas welcomed and if so where would one ideally leave them. There is 1 (minor i would think) thing i feel would really complete this save system overhaul but i dont want to be "that guy" that just kicks down the door shouting how he expects this new feature by yesterday
  2. So Random question, The mod is posted on CKAN as well. Im curious if it will continue to be maintained on CKAN under new ownership or if CKAN support will be dropped.. I ask because I tend to check for updates out of CKAN and not the forums themselves. (i found out about new management out of fluke TBH lol) unless the mod in question isnt listed on CKAN in the first place.
  3. is it possible to disable the blinking approach light feature. i like the idea of it but personally was looking just for the quality of life perks form the automated lights. and if not, If i edit the config o have just a blank space as the moris code message would that functionally do the same thing?
  4. i too am wondering what these are for. I did not see anything explaining these in any documentation, and a search of this thread turns up absolutely nothing (aside from the quoted question)
  5. I kinda figured we were going to start seeing people leave soon, Cant expect everyone to stick around on 1 thing forever :P..... Still doesn't make it any less sad to see you leave. Everyone on the team has been a wonderful part of this amazing creation. I am proud to have been able to ride along with all of you fine people from the start and watch this dream grow and develop. I wish you the best of luck on your post-grad adventures, And hopefully, Seeing what kind of awesome work you let loose on the world in the future.
  6. i'm so incredibly thankful the community is rebuilding a new "kerbstuff"....I can not express my gratitude enough both to everyone involved in starting Kerbal stuff, as well as all the people that are actively working to replace it. I honestly think having to use curse for my modding would be the end of me playing KSP.... Curse is probably one of the single worst hosting sites i have been unfortunate enough to have to interact with and i have delt with more of them then i like to admit. when KSP first partnered with them i ended up dropping the game for several months because i simply could
  7. O.o I don't get it. Apparently i have been away from the forums too long lol. What is the issue with CKAN? It still credits authors, links directly to them, it just simplifies the process for everyone else? seems like a win win to me? EDIT: Actually just PM me. Best to not hijack the thread with this
  8. any chance we will see this hosted on Kerbal Stuff in the future? I was going to add this wonderful mod to the CKAN repository, But I got no clue what im doing and im not sure if you even can via the current hosts. anyways just curious if that was something we may see in the future
  9. perhaps make the EVA transmit cut into quality a little bit as well. I mean were getting into the "telephone" game at that point Jeb: Ok im here. Bob: what do you see? Jeb: Well, its small. its round, its light, and it smells sweet. Bob: ok i will let HQ know, Bill did you catch that? Transmit home will ya? Bill: BoomBus to HQ, Jeb reached the spot, by the things that look like hills but steeper on Eve, he said he found some light chocolate marbles. HQ: ok, we will pas this on to the science guys. *yelling in the background*(HAY GUYS, BILL SAID JEB SAID EVE IS MADE OF DIET CHOCOLATE)
  10. Kinda yeah. Some people struggle to install mods at all after all, and thats with tons of resources on how to do it. Removing mods is a whole different ballgame I do understand where you are coming from, but its with the assumption everyone is at the same understanding of how to install/remove them
  11. Abort.... >.> The confidence of the person utilizing that feature must be as broken as the last 10 launch attempts they made. "Allright kid, so we dont want you to ride the rocket to space, too dangerous. Just get in there, turn on the lights and RCS system, light a fire under your [REDACTED], and then get outa there using the emergency eject system" Joking aside, its a really simple, small mod. but sometimes, its the little things that make the biggest difference. Thanks for the contribution to the community, I can see this mod making its way into my core.
  12. Wait.... so the rules of the challenge only apply to the landing itself? I can use chutes for the return home aspect of the mission and still have it count as "Jeb" difficulty? >.> I have been doing far more work than i needed to lol
  13. The feels tho.... I have invested faaaar too long into this mission, and started over like a dozen times now.... To be fair tho i am kinda making things harder than they need to be for myself (Going right for "Jeb" difficulty mission first go, With the added challenge of restricting myself to a single launch) To be completely honest, The biggest issue i am having right now is with my ship flipping over in Eves atmosphere.... Im not sure if its actually from stock, or if its being caused by Addon Controller not shutting down N.E.A.R. Properly.... because its acting a lot like what i would ex
  14. So has anyone else had issues with NEAR not shutting off when turned off in Addon Controller? It is working like a dream for every other mod, But NEAR just doesn't want to go away.... Im just wondering if i am having a stupid and missed a secondary addon that ties into NEAR or if there is legitimately an issue here Thanks.
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