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  1. I have a suggestion; whenever a spacecraft has reached escape velocity, make it so that it calculates the orbital period of the orbit after SOI change.
  2. I got a quick question; is it possible in a simulation to dock a simulated spacecraft with a "real" spacecraft (IE not simulated but already present before the start of the simulation)? I'm asking because the other day I tried to dock a new (Simulated) base module to an existing (real) base module and the two modules simply would not dock. I figured one of three things may cause this: 1: the modules are incompatible, this has proven to be untrue because I made exact clones of both craft and they docked just as I intended at KSC 2: the modules are on a slope (they are) and the slight angle difference prevents them from docking, I still consider this as a possibility 3: KRASH prevents me from docking a simulated craft with a real craft (that's what I'm trying to figure out with this post)
  3. Yea I had already figured it out. The path leading to the Model in the model file indeed diddn't match with the actual path. It's fixed now. Thanks anyway!
  4. I got this to work in 1.3.1 but I'm running into an issue with the science bay and crew container. They do not show up in game at all.
  5. your simulation for landed crafts is broken! It either puts you too high in altitude, making you waste 10+ minutes and 2000+ funds just to get started; or it puts you too low (read: underground) and immediately blows up your craft!
  6. This is what my setup looks like: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8pbK5tE9DTCbS00OERNcV9adkU This is an example of on of my relay satellites: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8pbK5tE9DTCbk9YeU5RVFNYRW8 Tracking station is lvl 2
  7. In my current play through I got a LVL 2 tracking station. My Mun probe is equipped 6 Communatron 16 antenna's. My Communication satellites in Kerbostationary orbit (3 in total) are each equipped with 2 HG-5 Relay Antenna's as well as 4 cummunatron 16 antenna's. When my Mun Probe is in direct line of sight with KSC (I disabled the additional ground stations) the signal comes through just fine. but once KSC moves away from LOS the probe looses connection. My relay antenna's don't pick up the signal. Am I correct when I say I not only need sufficient sending capabilities on my probes, but that my relay satellites also need more relay antenna's or a more powerful relay Antenna?
  8. Also, no more simulation? Because i can't seem to find the option for that anywhere (not I got it installed for 1.2.2)
  9. Sorry if this has been answered before, but why is there no proper release for 1.2 after all this time? And how the hell do you even use the pre-release version on github anyway? All I see there is the source code.
  10. I'm not even bothering, attempting to go into a serious discussion with flat earthers. I actually consider them living proof of the dangers of lead poisoning (I see no other reason a person can be this dumb in this day and age where knowledge is but a few button presses away) . And I think we should all take pity on these people and feel very sorry for them having to grow up in houses with lead water pipes when they where born / baby's.
  11. Ow and by the way: The RCS thrusters in the nose and on the oms pod needs tuning. huge amount of torque on them, even when the orbiter is empty. It makes rendezvous very difficult and docking next to impossible
  12. yea I noticed that if i Pitch, to much the thing flips out of control.
  13. How am I suppose to land these things? stand-up guy keeps flipping over upon re-entry!
  14. A quick Question: If i have a contract for multiple kerbals, do all the kerbals have to be present on the same flight, or can I complete the contract in multiple flights like vanilla?