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  1. First time I docked was about an hour after .18 released. Took me 10-15 mins to actually rendezvous and dock, pretty good considering it was my first time. Was also my first SSTO spaceplane flight, I docked it using the inline docking port (which is awesome).
  2. Ok, I'll take a look. From what I can see it looks like I need to have some points named "suncatcher" to actually start charging batteries. Still unsure how to get it to rotate.
  3. Yeah it's just grey, I'm not very good at textures Although if you look at the pics it looks pretty good ingame (in my opinion). To be honest I kinda rushed the texture as I was so excited I had worked out how to use the part tools. I'm going to go back and redo them tomorrow.
  4. Hi guys, I made my first ever part today (and an animated part at that!), also my first ever 3ds Max model so don't be too harsh I'm hoping to make some more parts, but for now I present my first offering: The SPB 125 (Stack Power Bank Model No. 125) It's designed to serve as a small service-module for power, takes up little room whilst holding a lot of electricity (1000 to be exact). It has a small deployable solar panel for recharging (currently it's purely cosmetic, if anyone knows how to get it to actually charge the battery then message me). You'll find the SPB125 in the Utility tab. If you want to see it ingame, and how it can be used then check these out: I hope you enjoy, download here: http://www./?h8pnhh9rlopxvna - Do not redistribute this without my permission.
  5. Hi guys, First time making a part, managed to create a solar panel which has a deployment animation. Now, I can get it ingame and can deploy the panel but it has no sun exposure, and I can't retract it either. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Personally I don't see why people are against having multiple star systems. It's not like you're forced to go to them, it just means the people who do want to go there can.
  7. There's no true multiplayer plugins as of now, also a word of advice.. don't mention multiplayer too often on here. It's a question that gets asked a lot.
  8. My most played game? ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead. 570+ Hours logged on Steam.
  9. I looked down at my Steam icon and saw it working.. moused over and couldn't believe it when it said "Downloading Kerbal Space Program"
  10. Just copy and paste the KSP folder out of Program files\Steam\steamapps\common Then you can have as many versions as you want.
  11. Hmm, personally I found docking a piece of cake. My first dock was the first time I played the update.. was also my first SSTO flight. I flew the stock Aeris 4 (I believe it was that one) from the runway all the way up to a station in a 100km orbit and successfully docked. I generally just eyeball the final adjustments. A lot of people will say align the ship and station along certain axis but I just rotate my ship until it looks right and go for it. There's always quicksave/load after all
  12. Name of Utility - Spacelab Screenshot - Total Mass of Utility - 12.22 Parts - 36 Utility's .CRAFT file - Your Name - If you use this then please credit me as TheDaemonicGamer, and hell even a shout out to my Youtube if you're feeling generous Notes - Action group 8 extends all of the comms equipment. Spacelab is probe controlled and has space for four Kerbals. It has one docking port, four lights and one solar panel. This version is a modified version of one I used in my KSP let's play, I lowered the part count a bit by removing some useless bits.