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  1. That’s fantastic. I ran into a few issues where the two floors of my plane split apart (read giant super biplane) Oh and. Something something Thought Police.
  2. I concede to your amazing and glorious passenger stuffing madness Won't stop me trying to make a more insane deathtrap though.
  3. Not sure I can compete with that! I'll just try and give the reviewers something even more intriguing to review!
  4. PERFECT (I might have something sillier up my sleeve. Aiming for hopefully 1000-1500 passengers)
  5. Complete success! If still open. I will post a serious entry or two!
  6. I see we are entering the stage of the competition where the jumbo jet insanity begins. Quite like that wing design. Stable when banking the craft?
  7. A fellow military contractor attaching seats using duct tape and cutting holes in the fuselage for windows I see!
  8. Some of the entries I have seen on here are pretty damn cool. Looks like I might have to actually start doing some high-intensity testing of some of the Space Company retrofit aircraft. Side note the hardest part of building my Jumbo-Jet seems to be getting an 816 Passenger aircraft to fly for more than 2000km. Oh and of course cost less than $1,300,000,000
  9. NOW INCLUDING AN INTERNAL SAFETY VALIDATION! (In new post. Only applies to 'Coming Soon' aircraft. Other aircraft did not qualify for the safety validation) The Space Company Presents: The Universal Transport Mark One Civilian (UT-1B) Specifications: Class: Medium Regional Jet Cruising Altitude: 3000-3500m Cruising Speed: 240m/s Consumption Rate: 0.35-0.75 kal/s Estimated Range: 795-1704km Seating Capacity: 96 Price: $202,179,000 (We are a government contractor) Action Groups: 10: Currently an optional spoiler from military design The UT series of aircraft is an old yet reliable design of transport used by the TSC for efficient movement of materials to different locations. The UT Mark One B is a modified version of the original platform dating back 52 years (This design was quickly replaced due to complaints about stability when banking). To meet the demands of the brief presented here the aircraft equipment storage bays have been replaced by 96 cloth backed seats (easy to clean, miscellaneous used vinyl seats from the failed Duna Transport Program are available). If there is a serious consideration from Kerbal Express Airlines in the use of this aircraft, additional modifications or the use of later, more efficient platforms can be discussed. Disclaimer: Please Note this aircraft has not passed any of the KAA aircraft safety regulations. Vinyl suggested for easier blood removal. Moreover, we are not responsible for any loss of life caused by excessive wing flex when performing heavy pitch or roll actions. Download Link: The Space Company Presents: The "Grizzly" Super Transport Civilian (ST-3 Civilian) Class: Jumbo Jet Take-off speed 50-60m/s Cruising Altitude: 3000m Cruising Speed: 225m/s Fuel Capacity: 18314kal Consumption Rate: 1.68kal/s Estimated Range: 2453km Seating Capacity: 284 Price: $537,723,000 Flaps can be used to slightly reduce take-off speed and or assist landing. We are proud to show yet another modified military transport design for use as a commercial airliner. The ST-3 is a tried and true platform that suffers only minor penalties when converted to a civilian design*. Its 8 large duel rotor design engines allow for easy use at any fuel, passenger, or cargo loads. Following conversations with our engineers, we felt we should do some form of safety testing using this aircraft. Thus, in the case of a failure of the wing structures of the aircraft a safety structure is in place to allow the aircraft to land using only two of its eight engines. Emergency safety structure in action: Disclaimer * Conversion to civilian design has caused a minor stability issue under moderate to hard turns. This can potentially culminate in the loss of either one or both wings of the aircraft. It should be noted however the aircraft has a built-in safety backup allowing the aircraft to land with only two engines. [Updated to fix wingtip] Download Link: