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  1. It's a rollback. Therefore, you did not exist in the time of the rollback. Not deleted, you just didn't exist. I was soooo close to being deleted.
  2. I got here from Nerd3, and I was stuck to the screen. I didn't even care about the space part. I just wanted to make stuff explode.
  3. I think by then we may have created biospheres on the moon and are beggining to get somewhere on getting mars an atmosphere.
  4. I cant land on the moon, all I can do is orbit around the sun.
  5. ...I'm not sure if I can do that, mainly because I'm on the demo.
  6. Yeah, i did. But I restarted it and I got a pretty good orbit, and I took pictures of the ship. Here is the new orbital path.
  7. Here are the screenies: Also, here is the link if it doesn't work http://imgur.com/VOVcN I'll show you how to make it if it works in the most recent version.
  8. I went straight from sub-orbital flights to going around the sun... I'd take screen shots if I knew how to. I don't even know how I did it....
  9. Hi, i'm having what you might consider a "noob" problem, but, when I make a spaceship that makes it into orbit, it begins to slowly fall out of it, then when I relaunch, the whole rocket falls apart. Any help?
  10. Hi people of the kerbal space program forums, I'm WechyPichu, and I am new here. I use the demo version of the kerbal space program, so, if you want to see anything I've made, It'll be outdated.
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