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  1. Steven, thanks for finding out why we couldn't get the loop to work. It all makes sense now
  2. I just press 5. No Alt involved. Worked for me so far. Anyway, here's my script: set x to 1. on ag5 { set x to 1. until x>1 { toggle ag3. wait 1.4. toggle ag3. wait 0.3. } } on ag6 { set x to 2. } wait 10. All ag3 does is toggle the landing legs. The second I hit 5, KSP freezes.
  3. I'm having an issue with this mod. I've installed the latest version of control room, and the latest version of RPM and Module Manager. For some reason my control room doesn't have any screens. Only a nav ball and a bunch of lights (gear, RCS, SAS, etc.). Other cockpits work fine with RPM. Any suggestions?
  4. Ctrl+C didn't work. It's the first thing I tried (being an old fart that's my default "Oh crap, what did I do now?" key). In fact, all I could do was Ctrl+Alt+Del and close KSP from the task manager, as it was completely frozen. I know about the de-focusing KOS for action groups to work. I don't know where, but I remember reading that. What I don't know is what Alt+5 is... Is that an alternate way to toggle an action group in KSP?
  5. That seems to trow me into an infinite loop that gets KSP locked. Not the first time I managed to do that Speaking of infinite loop, is there a way to stop it? Like in the good old DOS days when a quick whack on Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break would kill your app? Anyway, I'm running out of ideas to try, so I'll just ask: How do I create a script that starts a loop on ag5 and never stops unless you press ag6?
  6. Any kind of explanatory docs would be cool. I read the relevant reference docs for what I need, but failed to understand how to use it properly. For example, I want to have a loop that starts on ag5 and stops on ag6. I thought that should be easy enough: set x to 1. on ag5 { set x to 1. until x>1 { print "loop is running". wait 1. } } on ag6 { set x to 2. } It didn't work. Why? I don't know, I couldn't find any info that tells me if that even makes any sense. I've not given up on the idea, I'm sure I'll find the correct way to make it work, but more sample scripts and tut
  7. Ah, that's where I save it. I had it inside gamedata as well. Also thanks for the explanation why I couldn't get the editor to work. I have another small question: Can the wait function work with decimals? Will there be a 0.2 second difference between wait 1 and wait 0.8? Thanks!
  8. Is there any tutorial for absolute noobs anywhere? I can't seem to make anything work. Getting really frustrated, I don't know if I'm, doing everything wrong or there's a problem with my KOS install. For example, typing edit demo. does nothing. Where are the scripts supposed to be saved? I'm using latest KSP and latest KOS.
  9. Yeah, that's how I used to do it, but for some reason I don't have the "rename vessel" option anymore... At least not on Probes, I have to check with capsules.
  10. Hi, How do I rename and change the icon of a craft or debris in orbit, or landed in version 0.21.1? Thanks!
  11. I must be doing something completely wrong, as I can't even get into Kerbin orbit with this.... I lift off fine, separate the SRB's, then things start to go wrong. If I dump the empty fuel tanks, I lose control and spin out. If I keep them on, I'm too heavy, and can't get high enough for orbit. Also, I can't turn 90 degs for gravity turn at any point, as I just don't have any control. Can you give some pointers on how to fly this big boy? Thanks!
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