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  1. Thanks for this great mod, Frizzank!
  2. Is there a way to edit the science rewards/costs? Getting 8 science for tracking, then having to pay about 50 science to do research on it is too expensive imo. Nevermind, I found by looking at your code!
  3. I made a Mirage 2000 : flight pretty well, event at low speed. I guess I now must try a refuel in flight...
  4. Just dowloaded your mod, it is great! Here is my version of the Mirage 2000 i made today (with B9, BD armory, AdjustableLandingGear...)
  5. I enjoyed this mod when using the stock planets; now I am using the new Horizons planet pack, does FAR work with it?
  6. I have some problems using this mod with New Horizons: for some values (I could not find which ones), the chart is broken. I can click on it, the transfer details are ok, but on some places of the chart the dV is 'NaN'.
  7. This is exactly what is deceiving me; if you look at the navball, there is no need to do maths do get basic information. I accept to have to calculate a transfer angle to duna, not to have to calculate the pitch of my vessel.
  8. To be honest, the more I try to get a meaningful vessel direction, the less I want top continue with kOs : I want to use it for the challenge of automating my vessel, not for the hassle of deciphering Kerbal internal's references...
  9. I am starting to use kOs, and first of all, thanks a lot for the doc! It might be missing some details (ALT: and ETA: things), a tutorial about vectors, but it is a usefull doc. Anyway, I am having a problem with a trigger that is rejected as too long, but I do not get why... The code is the following : [SOME CODE] // GRAVITY TURN //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PRINT "Gravity turn.". WHEN SHIP:APOAPSIS > targetAltitude THEN { PRINT "Circ trigger1.". SET step TO "circularization". PRINT "Circ trigger2.". } LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(90,80). SET prevEta TO ETA:APOAPSIS. SET startAlt TO SHIP:ALTITUDE. SET startPitchDif TO SHIP:FACING:PITCH. // WAIT FOR ORBITREACHED UNTIL step = "circularization" { WAIT 1. // so that SHIP:ALTITUDE!=startAlt PRINT "Grav turn.". // adjusts pitch SET altDelta TO (targetAltitude - startAlt) / (SHIP:ALTITUDE - startAlt). LOCK STEERING TO Up + R(startPitchDif - (altDelta * startPitchDif),0,0). // adjusts thrust SET newEta TO ETA:APOAPSIS. IF newEta < prevEta { LOCK THROTTLE TO THROTTLE - throttleDelta. } ELSE { LOCK THROTTLE TO THROTTLE + throttleDelta. } SET prevEta TO newEta. } [SOME CODE] And the logs are : Gravity turn. Grav turn. Ran more than 1500 instructions in trigger bodies, etc... As my triggers are all only one or two lines of code, how is this error possible?
  10. I consider this mod as mandatory in career mode, so I hope someone will fix the problems due to 0.90 !
  11. That 's what I did, but the part that appears is the same as the 2x11box, it does not have the spheres.
  12. That is a good thing the thread is splitted. Do you know how to re enable the spherical tanks that can be seen in the first picture of this thread?