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  1. I keep having an issue with Freyja, it keeps popping off whatever its attached too whenever it loads to the pad. The decoupler function just seems to auto fire, any fix?
  2. Is there anything special you need to do to get the Gridfins working in FAR properly? All the F9-S1 wants to do is flip over and point interstage down with the fins out. Interstage down is not a good landing configuration, just in case anyone wondered.
  3. Scratch that, figured it out. However FASA and JSI seem to have a conflict with the Agencies file.
  4. Good to have you back KospY, glad to see KAS get some love!
  5. Im going to agree, been playing with this for a few hours and I think it needs to be bigger. To the point that you should be able to have a few shuttle craft in that hanger at the front for dropping in on your planet/moon bases.
  6. Could you guys post the costs that you went with for the fairings and their adapters, trying to fix the costs the few parts of this pack i'm using while waiting for, the bloody awesome looking, update.
  7. Been using this since forfeit came up with the idea, makes life so much less annoying after having to remove something I don't want from many of the addons I use.
  8. The best way to rework the Delta II is to use Stretchy Tanks (part of the Stretchy SRB v6 pack now) as they come with the blue Delta II tank texture and can be made whatever length you like! As for upper stages, you would need to add a SAS module to the config file most likely. Does the Atlas V still have the FPS lockup on load issue it had a while ago or was that fixed at some point? Not used this pack in a long time.
  9. I was able to record the launch from T-1 Minute to T+3 Minutes before my DVR locked up and crashed on me, if you missed the launch you can watch the replay here:
  10. Im having issues with the Sum Dum Heavy Industries Service Module System parts, they seem to all get stuck together and refuse to separate properly/at all. The addon in question is here: Problems I have come across: -The side fairings have no force on decoupling -The service module adapter fails to decouple the LV-909 its attached too to separate the service module . -The service module itself fails to decouple from the heat shield part attached to the bottom of the 3man capsule. If its easier, could you explain how to add these parts to be ignored by the plugin? I looked at the config file but am not totally sure what to add to make it ignore all parts of the SDHI pack.
  11. It's nothing special, and I am waiting for the half size Advanced SRB's to be released before I go back to trying to work on this but here are a few screenshots. When I say Antares Clone I mean, take two NK33's, stick em on the bottom of a tank and use a SRB upper stage.
  12. Huh, ill re-download the pack from Spaceport again, this is the first time I have installed KOSMOS since 0.16 or something so no prior install. Guess my zip got Spaceport'd and corrupted the textures or something. Will report back when I have a fresh download done. Edit: Can we get a Mediafire mirror for the pack by any chance? Spaceport is awful and keeps cutting downloads after only downloading 15MB of the file, this is after it downloads at 10KB/s due to running all Spaceport downloads off one server with less than good bandwidth. (Give us Steam Workshop please Squad, please...)
  13. Ah so I take it that my NK-33 missing it's texture is a known issue to do with the new texture format you are using CBBP? I am using the NK33 on my Antares clone, with a Advanced SRB from that variable stack-able SRB mod on top it makes a rather good Antares!
  14. Not had a chance to play with this yet but from what I see in the thread this looks perfect for what I was looking for. I get so fed up of having my 3man pods service module the size of a small moon to fit everything in.
  15. Now this looks like a cool idea, one thing I always disliked about the old stock tower was that it was static and could not be moved away. While I like the design of the stock pad in game now having pullback tower for manned launches would be cool. Will be keeping an eye on this project, good luck!