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  1. Darth Lazarus feel free to request an unlock if you want to post a new version here.
  2. I love that there's a real discussion going here, but make sure that a discussion on aerodynamics doesn't kill or overtake the thread being about FAR
  3. Please keep objectionable content out of threads like this.
  4. There is no comic sans, only text. The font is just an illusion.
  5. For the "in-situ resource utilization" will it just appear in our fuel tanks? Many gas, such explore? Having to look and transport it would be too painful. I want it given freely and with no efforts! When is this coming out?
  6. Stuck for discussion and visibility
  7. It's not a lot of work, I just don't like people thinking they can post whatever they want just because they may be upset because they took something poorly.
  8. I know that everyone is dealing with this joke differently, but if you guys could not start flame wars with each other that would be great. Please don't get hostile with each other here, that is against the rules. We are watching the thread, so don't post things that would get you in trouble.
  9. Sorry about that, when you're a new user I think you need somewhere between 3-5 posts to get post status without being in the moderation queue where we have to manually check the posts. When you edited the post, I had to find it in the queue and reapprove it. I hope you weren't waiting too long. On the topic of your work, I must say, it's very clear you put a lot of time and thought into them and it shows!
  10. The universe collapses in on itself through a divide by zero error. But as vexx said, we have to keep to the rules. What's the point in having them if the people upholding them can't stand out as examples of how to conduct yourself? It hasn't ever happened in a year and 6 months of my being a moderator here. But that's one reason why we have senior moderators and administrators and Kasper and rowsdower to watch over everything including us regular moderators. I would imagine said hypothetical moderator would get an extremely stern talking to, and probably a probationary period and if it continued, removal of moderator authority and potential banishment the same as every other forum user here. Having never seen that happen though, I can't be 100% sure, but breaking the rules isn't likely to be encountered.
  11. Funny you should mention that The Destroyer. We've had some issues with "code" based forum games in the past. I appreciate the creativity that was the origin for this, but it does conflict with the rules.