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  1. Sooo, does this qualify? craap, nvm, not use same part twiice... Back to the drawing board
  2. lol, was just talking about my personal entry, did not think that deserved a badge just yet according to my own standards, even though it might have some historical value here so yeah, built another train ! : D
  3. Haha, awesome, thanks! Made me want to build a proper train though, badge felt too easy So built a train that does not have the highest speed, but can carry around many many Kerbals on a facility tour About 35 retired Kerbonauts on a tour btw, tried one with well over 70 Kerbals, but my pc really did not like that
  4. Well i made this back in 2012, does that count? Mind that there were not that many parts available back then, had to improvise "a bit"
  5. ugh, releasing the save, got some dlc partr in there and no time to rebuild. Game on!
  6. i'm sorry, but why do you want to move this into a different orbit just to suit your objectives? You know this is a community challenge? Putting t into a 1000 km orbit will make everything harder for everyone after you doing this mission. Now if it is some meta storyline objective, sure. But if its just moving for the sake of moving, no please Edit: And claiming the save atm
  7. Awesome! Although I suggest you add one more rule: People should claim the save here in the thread, and then have XX hours to complete and re-upload it. Say standard 4 hours with possibility to extend with 2 more hours by another post (or update to original post,whatever). At least some way of making sure people dont spend several hours trying to dock something, only to find out there was a new addition to the station 10 minutes before they had the chance to upload
  8. Sure! But i would advise to draw up some basic rules first (you can copy most from previous challenges ), and then create a new topic with those rules and a short outline of the mission. That way everything is contained in the first post and you can update when things change. if so, make sure to give a shout-out to KerbonautTKM for re-igniting it ofc Looking forward to it!
  9. Accepted! Will probably do a better attempt soon, but for now: Bringing Christmas to Duna! Misssion log: Edit 10-01-2020: Funny how it gets downvoted on imgur. Any other places to post stuff like this?
  10. Ermm, if you owned it before, you still own it. But if you bought it on ksp stor, you have to download there, and if you have it on steam, then you can only download it there
  11. Sounds cool, but to really pull that off you would probably need mods. And mind that everyone joining must have all the mods or you get savegame clashes, so its usually best to severely limit mod usage in joint challenges.
  12. It has already been done before a couple of times, here for instance:, but since this game is about 9 years old i think, almost everything has been done before So might be a good time for a revival indeed, and i would probably participate again
  13. You sir, are a very very patient man And absolutely gorgeous design! Grats! General update on my mission progress: finally had time to do some proper (hyperedited) testruns, and managed to succeed at the second part of STS-9, grabbing and landing of the asteroid (would suck to complete everything before it and find out it can not land) Next up: Full run to actually capture one in its natural orbit with enough fuel left to get to aerobrake altitude, first test runs already done. To be continued!
  14. The RotaLaunchaTron 3001! Situation: The Department of Kerbanautics is exploring additional launch mechanisms for future use on Mun bases to launch Kerbals back home, and needs YOUR help! The goal is to develop a rotational launch mechanism: Throw a Kerbal pod as far away as possible! How? That's up to you! Create a trebuchet, flywheel with payload, a synchrotron, go nuts! The launched payload must contain a Kerbal (we assume its a dummy in this case, since they will most certainly endure some heavy impacts), but may not have any propulsion, aerodynamics(lift), or control parts. After decoupling, its a "brick". Beside that the more originality the better Just a lighter challenge, curious what you guys come up with. And I have set some base scores, but these can be improved for sure Example: Scoreboard Main goal: Highest altitude! Attain the highest altitude possible using only leftover energy from rotation: * 1094M - MarkoeZ Sidegoal: Longest Distance! Cover as many horizontal meters as possible, as measured in the flight results (Ground Distance Covered). * 4182M - MarkoeZ Honorary mentions: For attempts not reaching the scoring threshold, but worth a mention. * YOUR NAME? Rules: - At least 1 kerbal(dummy ) must be on board an enclosed pod (i.e. not an external command seat) - Intitial pod speed may only be obtained by rotation - Distance traveled taken from the flight results - No propulsion or control on the launched pod - The launched pod can not have any (lifting) airodynamic parts - Total contraption must fit inside the VAB or SPH - No Mods, only official DLC Enjoy! p.s. Yes there will likely be a next version with less gravity, just need to find an easy way for people to participate without too much modding, to be continued...