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  1. could get kerbal scale mod and just scale a larger part down
  2. I found a new way (at least to me) to keep large things rigid without mods or craft file editing. Meet Brutis This dude is fing massive (slightly larger than the sph) and honestly flies really good. Only problem is if you take it above 250m/s it rips itself apart, have fun with that. It has the ability to save the crew, land and carry cargo what more do you need? It can carry about 750 tons and still take off, 800 if you strap rockets to the side and pray. It also can climb nearly straight up under full power, and carries enough fuel to fly for nearly 6 hours when cruising. If you need to get something from one place to another this is the plane to do it. Keys are 1 - lights 2 - ladder 3 - thrust reverser 4 - shut down all but cruising engines 5 - open back door 6 - open back hanger 7 - open front door 8 - open front hangar steam link with more pictures and here is the craft file
  3. any word as to why they abandoned this, it look about half way complete and really cool.
  4. so... you are telling me... there is a chance Sad days will any system similar to this be added?
  5. A while back they showed us drills (drill animation) a hole resource thing, and clouds. I do not know about you but I was looking forward to these things, so when I saw beta was out I immediately thought to myself "OH MY GOD KERBAL SUPPORTED KETHAIN". you can imagine my disappointment when I started it up. What happened to this, when I last saw it, it looked almost done with resource maps for every planet and a whole resource tree. Also there was mention of multiplayer but don't hold me to that. What happed to this, am I just going to have to mod? I am happy where ksp is but it just feels ... incomplete, it can do so much more. here is the old tree
  6. awesome! I have 8.3 and 13.3 sorry I cant add more
  7. lol all complaining many of us had to do deal with this for a long time, and did it without complaining we still did the big missions to.
  8. my friends I am still not sure that this is not a screen shot, but the composition is amazing!
  9. lol I'm just glad they fixed the fuel lines it used to be a nightmare. but as far as random glitches go the worst I had was when my rover got within 2.5km of my base the base exploded. (I know the render glitch still frustrating as I had no quicksave )
  10. That is an sstv signal probably the duna one
  11. a nearly 50 page thread about this was lost (dam that kracken its now invading our forums) in it nova said it was incomplete this was back in .17 mind you but nova has said no more easter eggs have been added (as i recall, bad memory) so there is no solution. What we do know is the red line is an arrow and the planet is kerben (most likely).
  12. I sent one probe to moho, never again. ( ill admit it was harder though as docking was just implemented and not used on this mission.) as you can see by my sig it did not survive.
  13. I put a rocomax thruster on the back of my 1000 part station, its nice to have a mobile station.
  14. just listen to robbaz play ksp as you dock. it makes everything hilarious when your launching your ship and you hear "look at that sexy bastard"