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  1. Hi, this mod just causes me to be spammed with errors like this (but for each tank type)... no "liquidChamicals" tank type in the library. Configuration of "FL-R10 RCS Fuel Tank" is invalid And all of my tanks are empty, and unable to be filled. Does this mod conflict with any other mod?
  2. Noticed that the forums have a hardware tag, but the Simpit Repository isn't tagged.

  3. Hi, I did reply in my thread with the link where you can pre-order my game but it got removed (squad doesn't allow links to "competitor" products).

    So here it is again!


  4. Yes it will include all missions and all manned spacecraft, missions and launch vehicles
  5. Right, been flat out with Go For Launch: Mercury so not kept up to date.... anyone need a project added or updated on the main post? PM me! Still keep looking at my panel longingly, but no time at the moment, to busy with virtual cockpits!
  6. Hi all, Just to let you all know that my game, Go For Launch: Mercury is now available to pre-order via the indiegogo page below. Don't worry about the crowd fund (although it is doing rather well ) as it does not need to get to the target to pay out. So if you pre-order, you will get your game (and any other goodies you opt for). Please note this is the last chance to get a mention in the credits or any of the other backer perks. Any questions, feedback or suggestions please feel free to drop them on this thread. After all this is a game by a KSPer for KSPers!
  7. Hah, yep. I'm afraid it's the reason I probably won't get to build any new KSP craft for a loooong time
  8. You can also fly a Mercury Capsule in Vr...Free Alpha version here -
  9. Getting some really great feedback for my current project, Go For Launch: Mercury.... including backing from a certain Scottish Space fanatic! I've been working on this for a while and thought it would be interesting to other KSP fans, particularly with the optional VR support which I know has interested people in regards to KSP. If you like space sims (... you wouldn't be here if you didn't!) please do try the free demo and support if you can! I'm not a company or corporation, just a massive space fan making an Indie game so any support is greatly received. Here's some stuff about it! Free Alpha version here - A nice chap playing the desktop version... ...and a crazy guy playing the Oculus Rift version!
  10. Hah, yes... sadly with bugged graphics and all the lighting missing. Siiigh.
  11. Apologies guys, I've hardly had time to look at the forums recently! Moved house, renovating house, new design job, part time game development. Not had a chance to touch ksp in months and my control panel is still in storage! I'll get on this thread next week and update the main post with people's projects etc.
  12. Yes, although it will take some work and optimisation first. It's likely the monitor version will be on Mac but the VR may not be possible, Macs are very nice desktop publishing / design machines (I use them for graphic design) but sadly they have terrible graphics cards that aren't powerful enough for high end VR.