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  1. Fuel cells don’t seem to be working in 1.5. They can be switched on but produce no power and use no resources. In the VAB the planner only ever shows production for a single cell no matter how many you stack. Im also getting an error message on start up saying kerbalism needs 1.5 (I’m using 1.5).
  2. Hi all, As you can tell I don't get much time for KSP these day as I now have 2 kids and I'm working constantly on my own game, Go For Launch: Mercury. If someone want's to start a new thread (or if they already have) let me know and I can link it in the original post! For now I've copied wile1411's awesome chart into the main post. Here's my "simpit" these days, all my own work... but it's built in 3D instead
  3. Hi All! Yes.. sorry, it's been a long while since I was active on this thread (or the entire forum!). As mentioned above I am also the creator of another PC space simulator - Go For Launch: Mercury , and also have a new baby! So my simpit has sadly been sitting in a box in the attic for nearly 3 years. As there is no way to sign control of the OP over it certainly would make sense to build a new thread run by an active member. I get an email whenever someone sends me a PM (which is why I happen to have turned up today!) so if a new thread is set up please let me know and I can put a "new thread" notice in the OP. Long term I'm really not sure if/when I will pick my simpit project up again. I'm actually now more likely to make a mercury capsule simpit using my own simulator as I will be able to take this to gaming expos. When I actaully get a bit of free time again I'll catch up on what people have been building!
  4. You can, just click the link!
  5. It's already on Steam, and just me working on it for 3-4 days every week over the last 2 years. 100% my own work, build using data and blueprints provided by the NASA history office. I'd love to do more sequels later and I do love Vostok... won't be much for the player to do in a Vostok capsule though, they were automated. Mercury was operated by the pilot.
  6. Hi All, I've not checked in for a loooong while but thought some people might like to see what I've been working on over the last couple of years since I dropped off the forums! (although obviously I still play KSP in my down time ) Go For Launch is a full simulation of project Mercury. It's not KSP, you don't build rockets etc, it's focus is on accurately recreating the Mercury spacecraft including fully interactive and functioning IVAs. It has support for VR although it can be played on a monitor too (all switches interact with the mouse). It's on steam early access, so just google it if you are interested! EDIT - Some confusion as to what Early Access is, it's already available to buy on Steam, right here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/467400/Go_For_Launch_Mercury/ Here are some screenshots!
  7. Hi, this mod just causes me to be spammed with errors like this (but for each tank type)... no "liquidChamicals" tank type in the library. Configuration of "FL-R10 RCS Fuel Tank" is invalid And all of my tanks are empty, and unable to be filled. Does this mod conflict with any other mod?
  8. Noticed that the forums have a hardware tag, but the Simpit Repository isn't tagged.

  9. Hi, I did reply in my thread with the link where you can pre-order my game but it got removed (squad doesn't allow links to "competitor" products).

    So here it is again!



  10. Yes it will include all missions and all manned spacecraft, missions and launch vehicles
  11. Right, been flat out with Go For Launch: Mercury so not kept up to date.... anyone need a project added or updated on the main post? PM me! Still keep looking at my panel longingly, but no time at the moment, to busy with virtual cockpits!
  12. Hi all, Just to let you all know that my game, Go For Launch: Mercury is now available to pre-order via the indiegogo page below. Don't worry about the crowd fund (although it is doing rather well ) as it does not need to get to the target to pay out. So if you pre-order, you will get your game (and any other goodies you opt for). Please note this is the last chance to get a mention in the credits or any of the other backer perks. Any questions, feedback or suggestions please feel free to drop them on this thread. After all this is a game by a KSPer for KSPers!
  13. Hah, yep. I'm afraid it's the reason I probably won't get to build any new KSP craft for a loooong time
  14. You can also fly a Mercury Capsule in Vr...Free Alpha version here - http://kck.st/1pygkt4
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