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  1. OH MY GOD I LOVE THE KH AND H PARTS They seriously look fantastic!
  2. Did you delete the cache folder for Kopernicus? Perhaps Kopernicus was still stowing orbital information for those planets in regards to the mods you removed.
  3. I posted this a little while ago in the OPT Showroom thread, but sure I can post it here because GLORIOUS WING FLAGS. A shame they have low heat tolerance, lol.
  4. I got it working. It was resetting the cache that fixed the problem.
  5. Took the ~100-part craft using OPT_Legacy parts to Iota, and performance is doubled! Granted, it's still 20 FPS, but that's significant enough that I can play.
  6. I love the back edges of the K fuselage used as a true lifting body. Truly great looking, Fellow!
  7. Hm. Well, at the very least, not using any Legacy parts and a 41-past craft gives me 35-45 FPS on Iota (in DX11 mode, because had to test it), so it may have been at least PARTIALLY the problem.
  8. Hm. It seems to be related to the number of parts in the immediate vicinity of the laggy bodies. A ~10-part ship (which is now 2, due to a botched landing) on ceta is giving me perfect 60 frames, whereas the 100-part ship I was using before gives me 10-15 FPS. Perhaps I just have too many mods. I wish I could use DX11 mode, see if that would help, but I don't want messed up planet surface textures lol.
  9. Okay, Icarus is also laggy for me. (I'm just cheat teleporting to planet orbits and deorbiting onto the surface.) I'm not sure what entirely is going on. Do I need to reduce my texture setting?
  10. Just wanting to mention that at least Ceti is still very lag-heavy. I have only put in DistantObject and PlanetShine from the download folder. Not sure what's going on.
  11. I know. Two of the Frames are on the two Drives, and the other four Frames are the grey circles you see in the intakes.
  13. https://mega.nz/#!I9wi2QBC!g6LPnUJsaIQRK8spyPR02Ur4GKmMuEnNpN8muKS2FkU error.log https://mega.nz/#!dsxBxbIS!kxoRvpil6SA52zueEjawRZ1Z7bA1LUTfcPZvlDZfBnM output_log.txt It happened twice in a row for me, using the same two crafts. I don't know if it's OPT being funky, the beta LLL, or the planet pack I'm using. Either way, the first crash happened when I got to ~40m of the other craft, and the second one more than 200m away.
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