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  1. Hello again everyone Iv'e been taking on your input and i have an updated version now still not perfect but making some good progress in terms of functionality http://www./?5z7jn99j85g7do7
  2. Iv'e tried placing the 2 boosters in various locations and in most cases initial stablization is comprimised in most cases. Im pretty sure it's all about counterbalancing the craft out somehow. The SRB's arent active on initial launch they are part of the shuttle stage do they still effect the balance even when not activated? The fuel draining could be an issue I dont like the sound of that.
  3. Hi everyone Iv'e been working on this shuttle for a good 6-8 hours and i think it has huge potential Here's a video of it in action and you will see the problems i'm having with it. Do you recon you can fix it? here's the download link video 1 version http://www./?7an22ojnsleupza I might add that this is a space plane so you will need to place it in the space plane save location. To edit it i suggest grabbing the cockpit and using the rotate keys to change the orientation. I have also found out that the liquid fuel boosters on the shuttle wont work like i hoped in space as the cease to work after first stage separation. download link video 2 version http://www./?5z7jn99j85g7do7