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  1. True The user below me is too busy playing .23 to reply
  2. Granted user's sigs are so big they take up a whole page I wish i wasn't tempted to download hyper edit when ever i run out of fuel
  3. Granted his next wish will be way worse than all of that combined I wish for pork rinds to rain instead of snow
  4. Granted now everyone speaks this way I wish for a way not to cheat sci points when im desperate
  5. Nice patches i'll be coming back when i have a mun mission ready
  6. My entry for a nation http://i.imgur.com/jS8NxG7.png"] My flag http://i.imgur.com/8u4yKMw.png"]
  7. My longest save was 5 years 264 Days and 2 minutes
  8. I've seen that dot before its definitely minmus
  9. i played the demo of 0.13.3 then i bought it as soon as 0.17.0 came out
  10. Man if your stuff is this good in KSP i cant wait until Forza 5
  11. Well this explains the hibernation and waiting the whole community has encountered.
  12. Ribzor and Billy-Bobhat Kerman, they all ways show up in my "Groundbreaking" designs
  13. Well maybe you will get the whole community using it,then that will be kerbal.(there just used it)
  14. I just can't stop looking at that picture its so amazing!!!!!!
  15. Can i please have a flag with a green uppercase delta on a light blue background thanks in advance:)