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  1. I've been wondering if anybody else is having the same problems that I've been having; namely with the 2.5 meter tanks, some of the size adapters, and some other miscellaneous parts. A picture of the affected parts is here: All Rockomax fuel tanks All of the "splitting" adapters (e.g. 2.5m => 2x1.25m) The Rockomax 1.25m => 2.5m adapter The small, rounded nose cone I'm running Making History, which might be the culprit, but I'd like to keep it installed. Is there something I've missed in installation?
  2. The Explosive Propulsion Laboratory designs probes, tests engines, develops software, hardware, and coffee mugs for the space program.
  3. Hello! I have a small issue with the 1.7 update. None of the mod-added parachutes are working (that is, the small drogue, the radial drogue, and the docking port/parachute combo.) They don't even appear to have the parachute module installed - they are completely inert (aside from the docking mechanism on the docking port.) I have reinstalled the mod on an otherwise stock .90 install (and no, this time I did not forget to put ModuleManager in the Gamedata folder ) It's a small issue, seeing as how I don't usually use the drogues, but they would be handy to have nonetheless.
  4. I just installed this mod in 0.90 and a bunch of parts are completely white. I've gone through and replaced the files inside the folder manually but that hasn't seemed to fix it. For a list of the parts affected: FL-R10 Rockomax X-200-16 Rockomax X-200-8 Both radial stratus tanks FL-A5 M- 1 x 1 All I-beams All Girder segments Rockomax Micronode TR2-C TR2-V
  5. The Mystery Goo and Science Jr. experiments are designed to do that, so you have to return the data back to Kerbin for full science return. Later on in the game (or maybe you've already unlocked it, I don't know) you get the ability to reset the science experiments with the Science Lab, but that's heavy, really big, and fragile. TL;DR: It's designed to do that. Land on Kerbin, then hit the Recover button for best results.
  6. How about Fuel/Oxygen from Intake Burning Liquid Engine (FOIBLE?)
  7. Edlu is a reference to Ed Lu, who founded the B612 foundation and is also a former astronaut. Kurt is a (rrrrrrr)reference(!) to Kurtjmac, best known for his Far Lands or Bust series but who also helped get KSP some publicity after playing it in a long running-series on his channel. Hope this helped!
  8. What if you turn off the alternators through .cfg edits?
  9. EVE was planning to add physical weather, but I don't think they actually followed through.
  10. HarvesteR has also been having a lot of fun with it, so unless bankrupting your space program is fun...
  11. Lazro


    Except it's your computer that does it. In real life.
  12. Welcome to the forums! First of all, fuel lines wouldn't help at all in this case, because those are solid fuelled rockets which use solid fuel instead of liquid fuel and oxidizer, which is what is stored in the fuel tanks. However, if you were using a liquid fuelled rocket engine such as the LVT-30 or Rockomax Mainsail, then it would use the fuel in the fuel tanks. Second, solid fuel doesn't flow through fuel pipes. Only liquids (like liquid fuel and oxidizer) do. I'm a little curious: what was the purpose of those pipes? If you put the right kind of engine on below it then it would flow down to it anyway. Good luck and fly safe!
  13. Amazing satellites! Do they have launchers to match?
  14. If you flip the tank over, the paint lines up.
  15. Edit: Ninja no Ninja-ing! Have you tried KSP Interstellar? It's got that functionality built-in. On Eve, sure. Its atmosphere seems harmless enough, the only thing is its incredible density and heat. However, Venus has a corrosive atmosphere that's even hotter and under even more pressure than Eve's. Not likely there, I'm afraid...
  16. Great parts, looking forward to release. Just a thought-will the solar hub have a battery included? It seems too bulky to not have one inbuilt.
  17. Roald and Charlie. I renamed my Duna mission Project Skyhook because of those two.
  18. The launchpad only counts as a biome if you're landed on it. Same for the KSC (I think) and the runway.
  19. I'd say we've bitten them many times before to the point of being hesitant to speak about what they're doing at all. Remember the huge stink over how the ARM rocket parts looked?
  20. Nope! Kerbals are absolutely indestructible in a cockpit (unless of course you crash (or have mods.))
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