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  1. Dr. Muttonstache

    The first update i have actually been disappointed in

    He's trying to say that squad isnt EA and will actually put out quality content, unlike EA, who released a super buggy full release title, meanwhile KSP is in Alpha.
  2. Dr. Muttonstache

    The first thing you did.

    I made a space motorcycle. It blew up due to unknown reasons.
  3. Dr. Muttonstache

    The mangled up History Blender Game

    4670 BC: The Ancient Egyptians become the first to orbit Neptune, also then founding christianity shortly after
  4. Dr. Muttonstache

    Three Words Story!

    What is that
  5. Dr. Muttonstache

    Iv broke the game:

    Oh boy, I got quite a few. Take a peek! How to winglet. woops I've gotten so bad at this game i'm managing to break things IN THE HANGAR. Also, space clouds. The kind that doesnt have gas. The kind that carries rain in them. Yes, I've got clouds in my game, but not in the right places.
  6. Dr. Muttonstache

    Designing around LV-N

    You are a saint, this helps alot.
  7. Dr. Muttonstache

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Protip: When docking, dont forget to put 4 times symmetry on your hitchhiker storage containers, I didnt want to cover up the ladders so I only did three.... docking well, was a pain. Thats what I did today. Spend 20 minutes docking the last module.
  8. Dr. Muttonstache

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Welp, Station Zeta was finished, housing a small amount of kerbals; 16 to be exact, including Bill. Now im not sure what to do in KSP next
  9. Dr. Muttonstache

    SS Constellation

    I commit suicide due to loss of hope by opening an airlock, not realizing there are a few other survivors nearby. Oops.
  10. Dr. Muttonstache

    Docking problems

    How to dock: Get a desired closest encounter, burn toward the target, look on the map until its like <1km till target, kill velocity with target, rinse and repeat until you're close enough to dock.
  11. Dr. Muttonstache

    What is your favourite sci-fi/irl spacecraft, and why?

    It's beefy, and a trusty mining ship. I like it, you guys keep your capital ships and stuff. IRL: It counts, right...?
  12. Dr. Muttonstache

    Fastest to the Island and BACK!

    Kind of funny you say that when both of your pictures above don't even follow your own rules. First picture was taken before takeoff, last one wasn't landed, let alone stopped.
  13. Dr. Muttonstache

    Why does the LV-N need oxidizer?

    So you're saying hydrogen thinks everything is a That's pretty cool, actually. I'm typing on, and looking at a sponge. I also am a sponge. But anyway, regarding the tweakables, would this mean that you could fill a xenon tank with normal rocket fuel instead of xenon gas? Would the fuel tanks just be shells before you set them to carry a certain fuel?
  14. Dr. Muttonstache

    We are all Screwed:Its the End of the World

    Theres a difference between noob and newb. Like in the OP, newbs are nice, but not a combination of both.