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  1. Seeing the unpainted, bare-metal N-1 fly in Kerbal is something special. I wonder what color it would have been painted if they ever solved all the issues? Military green?
  2. While waiting for Skylab/orbital thingy. I decided to make my own little Skylab analog for Interplanetary trips. Kinda inspired by the Ares from Stephen Baxter's Voyage, but much less complicated (no lander.) http://imgur.com/a/RXtMw
  3. Those engines look amazing. Such detail. The "waffle" of the bottom of the stage looks great too!
  4. Now that is INTERESTING! I wonder if they could have pulled off such a collaboration back then if circumstances were different?
  5. So I haven't really been following the thread. Does the interim fix fix the Tantares LV download as well?
  6. Absolutely. I use the N1 parts for a lot of SSTO's, or for space saving when building HUGELY TALL ships (especially with the engine discs.)
  7. Decided to use Tantares and Stock parts to make a ship many of you may recognize... Might need some refinement and more boosters to actually be usable beyond Kerbin... http://imgur.com/a/ZMR2A Edit: Bigger, faster, better, cooler version: http://imgur.com/a/ToI7S
  8. Isn't it always the little tiny things that tend to screw up parts? That last image. Is that an ISS node? Or some sort of transfer vehicle?
  9. I'm having some weird issues with the "Alnair_LK_Parachute_A" part. When deployed, the chute itself does not appear, but the sound of it deploying happens, but the capsule will still crash into the water/ground. I am not using any chute mods such as realchute.
  10. Or alternately the fuji docking port with the small Soyuz docking port attached to the top.