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    MechJeb Autom8 Scripts Megathread

    i think i may have fixed it i'm testing it right now -- -- To Duna by B25Mitch -- Remastered by Kickguy223 -- Version 1.0 Remastered -- -- for MechJeb 1.9.3 -- -------------------------------------------------------- -- Usage: * save to KSP/PluginData/mumechlib/toduna.lua -- * in game, open autom8 -- * enter: dofile("toduna.lua") -- * and follow the instructions. -------------------------------------------------------- function ToDunaDriver(lat, lon) print "Launching..." mechjeb.launchTo(125000, 0) wait( mechjeb.autoStageActivate() print "Changing Apoapsis to outside Kerbin SoI" mechjeb.changeAp(90000000) wait( print "Warping to SoI" mechjeb.warpToEvent("SoI", 30) wait( print "Circularizing orbit." mechjeb.circularize() wait( print "Transferring to Duna" mechjeb.transfer("Duna", 200000) wait( print "Warping to SoI (again)" mechjeb.warpToEvent("SoI", 30) wait( print "Changing Ap and Pe To 234 " mechjeb.changeApAndPe(234, 234) wait( print "Circularizing Orbit." mechjeb.circularize() wait( print "Landing..." if (lat == nil or lon == nil) then mechjeb.landAt(0, 0) else mechjeb.landAt(lat, lon) end wait( mechjeb.autoStageDeactivate() print "Landed!" end function ToDuna(lat, lon) local co = coroutine.create(ToDunaDriver) coroutine.resume(co, lat, lon) end print "Usage: ToDuna(lat, lon)" i left your things in there because all i'm doing is fixing it (i have no experience with Lua, so this is a feat for me)